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Summer Cometh - How Best to Deal With Hat Hair

Summer Cometh - How Best to Deal With Hat Hair


At last the time has come - this week the mercury has risen well into the twenties, the sun is shining, the days are long and the mood is good. Summer I’ve missed you, all but the beacon of a sunburnt nose.
Because the British Summer is so, well, unpredictable we’ve learnt to cram as much in as we can. Holidays, beaches, beer gardens, barbeques, parks, the list goes on.
Sadly, as a result of this, our hair tends to take a back seat. With little time for styling, a baseball cap can be your best mate in Summer. And can help with avoiding that aforementioned sun charred conk.
The one major downside of caps (and hats in general) is the catastrophe that is hat hair.
Here, we’ve compiled a brief list of tips that should mean you can avoid this issue and feel confident to remove your cap if needs be with little collateral damage.


Option 1 - The Short ’n Choppy

If you opt to keep your hair cropped on the back and sides and with a short, choppy top cut at slightly irregular lengths then it can easily be styled in an intentionally unkempt style.
This means that if a bit is sticking up when you take your hat off it doesn’t matter, it almost looks like you meant it to be that way!
Style with a bit of salt spray but not much in the way of thick products, this is a less is more type of gig.


Option 2 - Sweep it back

If you can’t bear to lose the locks then keep the front longer and sweep it back.
Blow dry the hair away from your face with your fingers or a round brush and apply a little product before donning your head gear.
As long as you don’t wear too tighter topper, all being well, when removed your style should still be in place. It may just need a quick run through with your hands to break it up a little and bring the volume back if it’s gone a bit flat.


Top Tip - Dry hair only

Unless you have a buzz, this is less of an option and more of an essential rule.
If you plan on removing your hat in public at any point then don’t stick it on top of wet hair, it almost never ends well.
As the hair dries undercover then all kinds of weird stuff happens, it seems like bits that never stick on end miraculously do just that, cowslicks appear that never existed previously and crowns become demonic cyclones producing something resembling crop circles produced by aliens with a serious lack of artistic talent.
In conclusion, it’s just not a good idea.


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