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We are loving being open in our London and Edinburgh barber shops – please book in now to visit the team. Our web shop, full of our award winning product range, is also open for business!

Thanks for all your continued support.

The Ruffians Team x

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We set out to create the best standard of barbering and the best customer experience in the industry. It’s pretty much a constantly evolving thought process, but we’re proud to be current winners of Best Barber Shop in the UK for the second year running.

Our mantra is Quality (because nobody wants a bad haircut, obviously), Honesty (because we are proud people) and Community (what kind of barber shop isn’t prepared to stand with their community? Not ours!)

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Put Ten barbers in a lab

We are the only barber shop in existence (as far as we know – reach out if you are doing like-minded things!) to create its own lab space in an old London railway tunnel (why not, eh?) and to actively bring our barbers into that space to make a product range that we have personally tested and perfected.

Subsequently, we can hand on heart say that the stuff inside works brilliantly, and has had a completely honest journey to get there.

Our product journey

From the Notebook

Ruffians Temporary Closure – see you soon.

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Ruffians wins the Best British Barbershop

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