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Curly or wavy hair has a tendency to go dry and/or frizzy, particularly after washing, so opt for a moisturising product rather than a matt one. 

A great option is our hair cream. It offers minimal hold but that's fine as it's best to let curly hair do its thing naturally rather than trying to make it do what it doesn't want to do. 

It's better to use hair cream when the hair is damp and letting them dry naturally or using a diffuser attachment on a hairdryer.

Absolutely - a picture can sometimes be better than trying to describe a style to your barber as certain things can get lost in translation. 

It also gives the barber a chance to see if this style would work with your hair type/face shape/lifestyle or whether something along the same lines but slightly different may work better for you.

There are plenty of options, and it can depend on where on the head the hair is thinning. If it's at the front then a cropped fringe can work well rather than being swept off the face. If it's at the crown then it's often best to work with the direction that the hair flows naturally.

Choosing the right products can be equally important too so ask your barber how best to style your 'do. 

Firstly, prepare the skin well when shaving - exfoliate first and always shave in the direction of the hair growth. A shaving brush is a very underrated and underused piece of grooming kit too, it makes the stubble stand up so that you get a cleaner cut.

Secondly, use a good after shave balm, moisturiser or oil as the stubble grows out, it keeps the skin supple and reduces irritation.

There are more products than ever before to aid hair thickening. Ruffians hair powder is a great option as it builds bulk and texture.

Be careful not to use products that are too oily or wet look as it makes fine hair appear even finer. 

It's a good idea to get the ends trimmed up every once in a while to keep the condition good and avoid split ends and frizz during the grow out process.

It can also be less hassle for you if it's cut into some sort of style as you go along. Don't be tempted to get it cut too often though, it has to grow remember!

If you're going from short to long then every couple of months is more than adequate.

Ruffians hair cream has been a revelation for many of our long haired clients. It's easy to use, can go in wet or dry hair, is weightless and adds shine. It's a must-have for long hair.

Depends on your style and hair type, there's no hard and fast answer. If you have a skin fade and like it looking fresh then you may need to visit your barber every couple of weeks, whereas if you wear a longer, softer style then every couple of months is fine. A good, rough guide for most styles is every 4-6 weeks.

Good news, there are a multitude of options these days! 

Many great brands have hair thickening ranges to enhance your current mop and stop it from thinning further. From foams  to specific shampoos and more beyond. 

The most extreme options are transplants, which are becoming more popular and more successful all the time.

Get plenty of advice though as they can be expensive and aren't for everyone. Often the most simple option is a more flattering style, so speak to your barber first.

Go with it! Grey cover ups rarely look that natural and are high maintenance. Be a silver fox instead, it works well enough for George Clooney. 

A good option is Ruffians styling paste blow dried into hair. Towel to damp, work in a fingertip sized amount from base to tip with fingers or comb and use a brush or fingers to dry depending on preference.

Finish with a cold setting if your hairdryer has one.The finish will look like there's not a lot in there but have good volume and hold. 

This depends on hair type and lifestyle. Thicker and/or straighter hair can get oilier more quickly so maybe 3 times a week in this instance.

Wavy, curly and fine hair has a tendency to get dry and frizzy, so often once or twice a week is enough. 

If you exercise a lot then sweat and oil can build up more quickly so add in one more shampoo and condition weekly. 



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