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Hair Spotter - Stranger Things Series Four

Hair Spotter - Stranger Things Series Four


Just as we were getting used to being able to carry out all of the sociable exploits we used to take for granted in 2019, the return of Stranger Things to our screens has drawn us back to the sofa as swiftly as if it were a giant magnet and our buttocks were formed of cast iron.
After a significant hiatus, Series Four was so hotly anticipated that the words “Tiger” and “King” have barely been uttered in the same sentence since the release day. However, there is one thing that Netflix’s biggest hitters share - some incredible hair.
Once again, the shows producers have worked meticulously to create an aura of 80’s nostalgia and; once again; they’ve nailed it. From the set of ‘Rink-O-Mania’ to Will’s grey-long-sleeve-tee-under-check-short-sleeve-shirt combo.
Unsurprisingly, the trims follow the same vibes. Here we take a look at a few of the key character’s styles, why they were chosen and if they’ll work walking down the aisles of Tesco in 2022 or if they should remain on the synth-drenched streets of Hawkins.

Lucas Sinclair

Lucas has ditched the grown out, same length all over style of the earlier series of Stranger Things in favour of a much sharper style this time around.
He has a tight, high fade to the skin on the back and sides teamed with a longer, flat top style through the top.
It works well to show how Lucas attempted to morph from geeky kid to basketball player breaking into the cool (jock) crew.
It’s somewhat a statement style, but one that would definitely work on a day-to-day basis. A more subtle, low maintenance version could also be easily obtained by opting for the same style but with a bit less length through the top.

Will Byers

In the first couple of series, Will’s hair appeared to have been cut by his mum around a mixing bowl. In this series, it would seem that the mixing bowl has been swapped for a pasta bowl.
The same round, almost monk-esque, shape is still there but there is way less length and weight lower around the back and sides. The blunt full fringe that sits just above the eyebrows remains.
This is a slightly more wearable style than Will’s earlier cut, but would still be more at home on younger guys and those with straight hair and square or angular face shapes. It could look quite edgy and cool if teamed with an 80’s look but certainly wouldn’t be for everyone.
It’s only a disconnection away from that legendary 90’s style “The Step”. Something to look out for if there’s ever a fifth series or an American Pie style university years spin off, maybe?

Mike Wheeler

Mike’s haircut could be the one that has stayed the most similar over the series. Ok, so the length down the back has grown from bowl to mullet proportions, and some razor layers have been cut in to give more movement, but the trademark fringe and roundness are still very much in situ.
Whilst being a cut that would certainly raise a few eyebrows, it’s actually pretty on trend at the minute.
Mullets are definitely ‘in’ following on from DIY lockdown haircuts and 70’s style ‘shags’ share many of the same features, and have been rocked recently by the likes of Harry Styles and Bradley Cooper.
These sort of styles tend to primarily suit more angular faces (think back to Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart). To make the look more subtle you could opt for less of a fringe, look at some of Jared Leto’s longer styles for inspo.

Steve Harrington

The hair of Steve Harrington is somewhat of an enigma. Equal parts side part, sweep back and mullet, it’s a heady follicular cocktail that somehow works perfectly.
Steve’s role is that of the minder/carer/babysitter of the younger crew but who yearns to be (and sometimes is) the rebellious, risk-taking leader of the pack. What better trim could befit such a character?
The loose part suggests a bit of conformity, but not too much. The bangs are long enough to sweep back if necessary, but can tend to drop in a less uniform way. The mulleted neckline is pure rebellion, just ask Snatch’s Mickey “One Punch” O’Neil or Point Break’s Bodhi.
Of course, it’s a style that could be worn by Joe Public, but it’s only really recommended for those who are a certified badass, or are at least trying to be.


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