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How to Deal With Greasy Hair

How to Deal With Greasy Hair

Greasy hair; it’s an issue that we get asked about a lot in our barbershops. Everybody loves leaving the chair with a fresh cut and a spring in their step, but there’s nothing to bring you crashing back down to earth like the feeling of it becoming lank and oily only a couple of days later. 

Here we take a look at the best ways to fight the grease and keep that lid looking tip-top until your next trim.

Start From The Bottom

Clients are often surprised to hear that it’s the scalp; rather than the hair itself; that creates the oil which makes locks greasy. Basically, each follicle of hair has an oil gland at the scalp which produces sebum. You need a little bit of this stuff, but you gotta keep it under control. 

It may sound obvious, but those with finer hair tend to suffer the most as each strand takes up less scalp real estate, meaning more of them and subsequently more oil glands and more sebum. 

When you wash your hair don’t be shy, get a bit rough when massaging the shampoo in. Make sure your digits are rigid and really work away with the lather, going side-to-side as well as back and forth and going all over the head. It’ll dislodge any debris and flakes blocking the glands and causing them to go into overdrive. 

Take your time too, many people are over keen to get the suds out of their hair, shampoo should be worked in for around a minute before rinsing. 

Use The Right Shampoo

Now that we know how to wash our lids, let’s talk shampoo. There are a plethora of options these days aimed at every hair type and every follicular issue, it can be a bit confusing. 

Avoid anything with words such as “moisturising”, “smoothing” or “shine” in the title and anything specifically aimed at dry or damaged tresses. These will add a film to the hair which means extra oil and weight. Go for a clarifying shampoo, if possible one that is formulated mainly of natural ingredients. 

Scrub shampoo’s are a relative newcomer to a crowded marketplace, but they actually do deserve a spot on your bathroom shelf. Similar to a face scrub, tiny particles clear the scalp more effectively than smooth counterparts. Alternate use between one of these and your regular cleanser. 

Recommended Product: Ruffians Original Shampoo

Be Careful With The Conditioner

Us hair people have been pushing the use of conditioner for donkey’s years and, don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you to ditch it completely. However, you may need to rethink the way you use it.

Those of us with dry, damaged or coloured hair benefit from an extended period with our strands coated in the creamy stuff before rinsing. This isn’t the case when trying to manage greasy hair. 

Instead of massaging deep into the hair as with shampoo, try to apply conditioner to the ends of the hair only, rubbing between your thumbs and forefingers. Be sure to rinse off after no more than a minute. This way you’ll reap the rewards on your hair whilst avoiding the extra oil on your scalp.

Recommended Product: Ruffians Original Hair Cream

Wash More 

There’s many a myth that never washing your hair will result in your scalp learning to regulate it’s oil production, leaving you with a naturally lustrous, ph balanced barnet requiring no maintenance. 

Look, I’m no scientist, but I’ve had to deal with a fair few gnarly heads of hair in my time where clients are attempting to reach this point. Also, in truth, I’ve yet to ever actually see anyone reach this point of no-clean Nirvana.

Sure, some people wash their hair too much (like, every time they shower) but if your hair has a tendency to get greasy quickly then you should be washing it around every other day, and always after exercise or excessive sweating. 

Switch Up Your Styling Products 

You may be one of the many who likes your hair to have a polished, high sheen finish and we get it. After all, it’s worked a charm for Di Caprio for many a year, and who are we to argue with the cast of The Sopranos? 

There is a significant downside though if you’re trying to battle the grease, and this is that products such as oil-based pomades and gels tend to separate and add weight to strands. This can make the hair look and feel oilier. 

Therefore, it may well be worth switching up to a matt product such as a paste, hair powder or salt spray. All of these products tend to have a drier, more natural finish and clump hairs together which adds density. 

Recommended Products: Ruffians Hair Powder, Salt Spray

Don’t Play With Your Hair 

If you’re one of those guys who’s continuously running your fingers through your hair or brushing your fringe off your face throughout the day then stop! 

Every time you do this then you’re taking product from the hair and re-distributing it onto your poor noggin, causing more sebum production in the process. 

Sit on your hands, get a stress ball, take up yo-yo-ing, do whatever you need to do to ensure that your mitts stay out of your thatch. 


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