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How to Ace the Winter Grow-Out

How to Ace the Winter Grow-Out

Whether we like it or not, Autumn is upon us and Winter is hot on the trail. The daylight hours are plummeting like house prices and the lip salve is preparing to awaken from its long annual hibernation. 

It is at this time of year that we barbers often see a significant uplift in clients looking to grow out their hair. It makes sense really, the idea of a fresh skin fade becomes less appealing when the frosty air hits your newly shaven bonce. Plus, your noggin is pretty likely to be hidden under a beanie for a significant period over the next few months, so what better time to tackle the annoying and unflattering grow-out?

Many people who attempt to go from short to long are unsure of how best to approach it and subsequently fall at the first hurdle when the locks hit their ears. Here we take a look at how to make the process as manageable and pain-free as possible. Just to warn you though, some element of aggravation is normal and can’t be entirely avoided. 

Be Patient 

If you are used to having a neat, short style then it can feel like your hair grows super quick. Put simply, this is because the shorter your hair is the more significant a few mm’s of growth can appear. 

Tight cuts such as fades or tapers can start to lose their crispness as soon as the hair is past being able to see some element of scalp through it. The transition from short to longer clipper guards is the reason that such styles look so striking. 

Contrary to how it appears, hair will generally grow at the same rate regardless of length, it just becomes less noticeable as it grows longer. This is the reason why those who wear their tresses in longer styles get their hair cut less often. 

Hair tends to grow around half an inch per month, so work out roughly how much you want your hair to grow prior to undertaking the grow-out and decide if you can be bothered to see it through. 

Know What The End Game Is

Do your research first to find out exactly what sort of look you want to achieve once your hair has grown out. This will make it easier to get through the annoying points when you get the urge just to reach for the clippers. 

Many people decide that they just want to grow their hair longer to give it a try, but in our experience, without a clear end game it rarely gets past the initial stages. 

Going online to check out what cuts you like the look of on celebrities is a great way to start. Always remember to think about your hair type, lifestyle, and face shape too. It’s all good and well wanting the Jason Momoa but it may not be the best option if you, say, wear a cycle helmet day-in day-out. And Brad Pitt’s longer hair is very enviable, but only really achievable with thick, straight locks. 

It’s a good idea to run through these sort of ideas with your barber or stylist first to see if you’re on the right track.

Chuck Out The Gel 

It may sound obvious, but many hair products are meant specifically for certain lengths or styles. 

For example, if you usually rock a short and choppy crop then you may be used to using hair products that enhance texture such as salt sprays or clays. If you have a quiff then strong pomades or gels can be a good option. However, these products will be next to useless if you want a mane like Bradley Cooper’s. 

Once your hair is long enough to sweep behind the ears then it’s more about hydration, de-frizzing, smoothing or oil control than it is about hold. Balms, creams and serums could turn out to be your new right-hand man in the morning. 

We believe that we have a hero product for these tricky times - Ruffians hair cream. It’s almost weightless, offers a light hold and does an excellent job of hydrating and taming unruly locks. It can also be used in wet or dry hair, easy-peasy.  

Get Ready For A New Routine

Many guys who wear their hair in shorter styles tend to wash their hair and apply fresh product daily. Often this is a no-go for longer styles. 

The process of washing and drying your hair becomes more time-consuming and arduous the longer it becomes. Going outside in bleak mid-winter with a finger length barnet is far less painful than shoulder length, and far less likely to give you the ‘flu. 

Long hairstyles can often look and work better with a (little) bit of natural oil to avoid fluffiness, so washing twice a week tends to suit most longer styles. Getting handy with a blow dryer can be essential too. 

Because it’s more time-consuming, many people with long hair tend to wash their hair in the evening rather than the morning. Another thing to think about if you’re a morning shower person. 

Embrace The Change

Rather than constantly wishing your hair would grow at the rate of those Playdough toys from your childhood, think of it as a process and enjoy the journey. 

Regular tidy-ups from your barber or stylist will make the ongoing transition more manageable and mean that you can try out some new looks along the way. 

Why not go for an Alex Turner style slick back when you’re at the mid-length stage or a loose 90’s curtains style when your fringe is starting to drop beneath your eyebrows?

The added bonus is that the split and damaged ends will be removed too, so your hair will be in better general condition and more manageable as a result.

So there you have it, Ruffians’ top tips on the best and most manageable ways to take on the dreaded grow-out. As always, if you need any further advice then feel free to drop us a line or pop into any of our barbershops. 


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