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Beard Oil: Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using It Daily

Beard Oil: Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using It Daily

Time and again industry experts claim that we have reached “Peak Beard”, however, our experience suggests that the humble face fuzz isn’t going anywhere soon. 

Here at Ruffians we are firmly team beard. We carry out a huge number of beard trims week-in and week-out, both when combined with a haircut or as a standalone service. 

However, one thing that nobody is a fan of here is an unloved beard. They can look rubbish and be uncomfortable both for the person rocking it and the other person (or people) that get close to it. 

For that reason there is now a huge selection of beard care concoctions on the shelves these days to tame and condition that precious facial foliage. From balms to creams and shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers, all formulated specifically for beards. 

Whilst all of these products have their place, for us there is one such substance that stands tall above the rest; the humble beard oil. If you rock a beard then, for us, a bottle of beard oil is a must to have in your grooming arsenal. 

Here we give you three reasons why you should be rocking this nectar daily:

It Stops The Dreaded Itch

When you’re growing your beard out, particularly for the first time, you are almost certain to encounter beard itch, and it’s grim. 

It’s commonly caused by the sharp ends of the facial hairs breaking through the skin’s natural barrier and, once it gets slightly longer, brushing against it. To some degree it’s something that you have to put up with until the follicles are slightly longer, however, beard oil will help considerably. 

It does this in two ways; firstly, it softens the strands which makes things more comfortable and, secondly, it does the same to your skin underneath which adds a layer of lubrication between it and your beard. Win-win. 


It’ll Make You Smell Delicious

We won’t go into too much detail on this, but beards get in contact with a wide variety of stuff and some of it can smell pretty gnarly when it dries out. 

That flat white, Guinness or vindaloo may have been delicious on the way in but chances are your significant other will appreciate it far less a few hours later once it’s had time to mature in your chin thatch. 

Remember though, it’ll be in and around your nostrils all day, so be sure to choose one you really like the scent of. Many beard oils, particularly early iterations, have a tendency to smell overtly manly. Sure, the smell of charred wood or smoked meat may be initially appealing but do you really want to be inhaling bonfire all day? We’d recommend going for something with a clean, fresh aroma. 

It Tames Your Beard And Makes It Look Good

Stray flyaway and broken hairs can make a beard look messy and misshapen. Beard oil can tame these pesky blighters, and keep them in place, to give you a more polished appearance. 

It also makes combing and shaping far easier with less tugging and grabbing which, again, makes for a neater, more sculpted beard. 

So, there you have it, just a few of the reasons why beard oil is such an essential part of your daily grooming routine. 

Because this stuff will be used on your mug, we recommend using a formulation that contains natural ingredients and non-synthetic fragrance; particularly if you have sensitive skin; to lessen the chances of irritation or reactions. Our Ruffians Argan Beard Oil contains five high quality, natural oils and nothing else, so ticks all the boxes.


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