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Can Men’s Hair Regrow Naturally?

Can Men’s Hair Regrow Naturally?

Here at Ruffians we may not be scientists or dermatologists, but we do know a bit about hair. We stare at the stuff for hours on end every day after all! 

We’re often asked by clients if there is anything they can do to turn back the clock to their hair heyday; regrowing their mane which has thinned over the years. 

The likes of Brad Pitt and Leo Di Caprio don’t help by strolling around well into their Fifties with the luscious locks of someone in their late teens. Well, trust us on this, it isn’t the norm. These guys are either extremely fortunate freaks of nature or they’re getting some follicular assistance. I know which my money would be on.

Even if someone has a good head of hair into later life, very rarely does it have their elite levels of manageability, density and vigour. 

To achieve such hair nirvana there are a variety of well-known options these days which have been proven to be effective. There’s the ever-evolving surgical transplant options, the results of which can be very impressive but also initially brutal and expensive. Then there’s the chemical options; from tablets to foams to specific shampoo’s, the results of which are a little more unpredictable and contentious, and the potential side effects worrying. 

Whilst it is now far more commonplace to choose; and talk about; these options there are many people who are looking for a more natural route. Maybe something less intrusive or risky and which may benefit them in other ways as well as with a more impressive thatch. Here we take a look at a few such ideas which may just help.

Choose The Right Products

We’re not talking about literally growing your locks back here, we’re talking about making the most of what’s there so that it appears you have a fuller head of hair. 

Wet look products are not the one when it comes to finer hair. They tend to stick strands together which makes the scalp more visible beneath. This is the case with such products as gels and pomades, particularly when applied to wet hair. 

Swap out such formulations for something that give your hair more bulk and matt texture. That way the hair that you have will appear thicker and denser. Good examples of this type of product are salt sprays (which build body when dried into damp hair) or clays and powders (which give matt density and bulk to dry hair). 

It may sound obvious, but you may need to change your style to accommodate these new products. For example, if you’ve been used to having a slick side part it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to achieve this look with densifying styling aids. Maybe look at something like a textured quiff or a choppy crop instead. 

Exercise More 

We’re not going to sit here and claim that a few spin classes or a swanky gym membership is going to give you Jake Gyllenhaal’s barnet, however, there are several studies which suggest that exercise increases your chances of maintaining and improving the hair you have. 

The benefits are two fold apparently. Firstly, thinning and subsequent hair loss can happen as a result of high stress, particularly after an acutely stressful event; this is called telogen effluvium (TE). Because exercise decreases stress and increases endorphins then you can actually reverse the effects of this. 

Secondly, it can help slow the thinning process by regulating hormone levels. Too much of the hormone DHT can spur on male pattern baldness and this can be balanced with regular exercise. 

Be warned though, going crazy on the cardio can actually increase hormone levels. We’re talking ultra marathon training and alike, so (as with most things) moderation is key. Nothing’s ever simple is it?

Eat Better

It’s no secret that fruit, veggies and alike (AKA the good stuff) is packed with vitamins and nutrients. It’s also no secret that hair thrives on vitamins and nutrients, making it healthier and stronger. So surely drowning yourself in broccoli and kale smoothies - whilst potentially not pleasant - will give you the thatch of your dreams, right? Well, sort of, but; perhaps unsurprisingly; not exactly.

Keeping it simple, hair is made of protein and, as such, a low protein diet can cause hair loss and thinning. Maintaining a balanced diet containing plenty of protein (as well as other key nutrients) will promote stronger, healthier hair with less breakage and a quicker turnaround with regrowth when the growth cycle of a follicle ends. 

What this means, in essence, is that you shouldn’t expect instant miracles but food stuffs such as chicken, turkey, eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds could will likely improve the condition of your hair over time and you may see some extra strands in there. The caveat to this is that if a hair follicle and root is already dead then, sadly, no amount of poultry will bring it back to life.

Get More Sleep

It doesn’t take a team of scientists to tell you that sleep is good for you and, as a father of two young kids, I’d argue its value is higher than that of gold bullion. 

However, scientists were useful when linking sleep patterns to hair growth and loss, and they’ve apparently discovered that it’s all down to hormones. When you don’t get enough sleep then the production of melatonin goes down, and studies show that this can decrease hair growth. 

In addition, when the body doesn’t get enough sleep then it sends the energy it has to the most vital areas. This all seems sensible - keeping you alive an’ all - until you discover that, as a “non-essential tissue”, hair is deemed to be well down the priority list. 

So, in conclusion, it would appear that most natural options are unlikely to dramatically regrow your barnet once it’s gone. However, they can certainly improve your hair health and help you to get the most out of what’s there. 

Our barbers are always on hand to discuss your follicular issues and try to find a complimentary style and routine that works for you and your hair.


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