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How to style thin hair?

How to style thin hair?

Have you recently looked in the mirror and noticed that your hairline may not be as strong as it once was? Did someone recently snap a pic of you on their phone in a certain light which makes your thatch appear finer? Or maybe your thin hair conundrum goes further back in time, some people do just have naturally finer strands after all. 

Well, whatever your issue, fear not; you are not alone and there are plenty of options to consider. Of course there are the dramatic and expensive solutions such as supplements and transplants, but we’re here to take a look at some far less obtrusive early stage options. It’s amazing what a difference small changes to your routine can do. 

Cool Down

Ok, so we are aware that us hair professionals love to proudly swing our hairdryers around in the shop like a cowboy with a lasso. And, further still, we love to tell you how you should be doing the very same in your own home to achieve similar results. However, with thin hair it may be a different story. 

It’s no secret that daily heat styling isn’t great for hair health - it dries your barnet out which causes brittleness and breakage. Strong thick or coarse hair can often withstand this, especially if protectants are added prior. Thin hair, on the other hand, is not as well equipped to deal with such tough love and any breakage and hair loss will be more visible. 

Better to gently towel dry hair after washing and use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to direct strands and loosen tangles rather than a brush.

Change Up Your Product 

Gone are the days of having to choose between a rock solid gel or a thick oily pomade, there are a plethora of styling aids on the shelves today, offering a wide variety of finishes. 

With thinner hair, we recommend opting for a product that bulks the hair up and adds volume without weighing it down too much. Good examples of such products include salt sprays and powders. 

Sticking with clays, gels and suchlike mean that your strands will separate, emphasising the lack of density and making the scalp more visible. 

These matt finish, thickening products work best on styles where texture is king. They highlight cuts that have a choppy, irregular aesthetic such as crops, textured quiffs and alike. And this leads us nicely onto our next point…..

Get A Complimentary Style

This is where having a good level of communication with your barber or stylist is key. There’s little point in nailing your grooming routine or splashing your hard-earned cash out on a new range of products if the style you’re rocking isn’t right for your hair type. 

If your hairline is receding then it may be a good idea to opt for a short look that lies forwards across the hairline. If the crown is your problem area then the opposite could be true, with a swept back look potentially being a safe bet. 

With any new style we’d always recommend getting some sound advice from a professional first though, as it can depend a lot on your lifestyle and how and where your hair is thinning.

Less Wash, More Go

Loose hairs can fall out when washed vigorously. Also, it’s healthy to have a little natural oil on your scalp for your hair to prosper. 

We’re not suggesting that you cut out the shampoo all together, but if you currently wash your hair every day when you get in the shower then maybe cut it down to two or three times per week. 

It’s also a good idea to choose a decent quality thickening shampoo and conditioner that contains mainly natural products; your hair will thank you. Plus, now that you’ll be washing less often it’ll last you longer.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Some people can perform miracles in masking their thinning follicles, skilfully placing individual strands in place to create a smoke and mirror effect. However, often all their fine work can be undone in a brief moment outside of the house with a blast of wind or a downpour of rain. 

It’s always better to make the most of what you have by wearing a style that can be styled naturally, and if it’s time to chop it down accordingly then embrace it. The Bobby Charlton-esque combover is best left in the past. 

Improve Your Lifestyle

Admittedly, this isn’t really a styling tip, but it is relevant. There have been numerous findings confirming that those who have a healthier diet and lifestyle are considerably less likely to lose their hair. 

Diet-wise, this appears to be because the hair (like most bodily things) benefits from vitamins and minerals to be at peak strength. 

However, according to doctors, the brain does not see hair as a vital survival function. Because of this, the body doesn’t prioritise nutrients for hair growth. This means that a balanced diet will reap more benefits than a crash diet or topping up on one specific vitamin or food type.

Where regular exercise is concerned, the follicular benefits are claimed to be two fold. Firstly, it improves circulation and blood flow and, secondly, it fights anxiety and promotes better mental health which are other issues that can lead to hair loss.

Remember, we’re always on hand if you’d like to chat about your hair. Just drop us a line or pop into any of our barbershops


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