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Tips For Thinning Hair

Tips For Thinning Hair

Have you recently looked in the mirror and thought that your hairline may not be as strong as it once was? Or did someone recently snap a pic of you on their phone in a certain light which makes your thatch appear finer?
Well, fear not, you are not alone and there are plenty of options to consider. Of course there are the dramatic and expensive solutions such as transplants, but we’re here to take a look at some far less obtrusive early stage options.
You are what you eat
There have been numerous findings that confirm those who have a healthier diet are considerably less likely to lose their hair.
This appears to be because the hair (like most bodily things) benefit from vitamins and minerals to be at peak strength.
However, according to doctors, the brain does not see hair as a vital survival function. Because of this, the body doesn’t prioritise nutrients for hair growth.
We therefore recommend a balanced diet and using a nutritional supplement such as TenT Nutritions hair-supplement to help reduce your hair loss and keep your thatch looking thick and healthy.

TenT Hair supplement

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A recent study in China even found that men who regularly drink energy drinks are more likely to lose their hair, so ditch the Red Bull and opt for water!
Much like a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise has been clinically proven to tackle hair loss and thinning. The body is a temple and all that.
It is believed that the follicular benefits of regular exercise are two fold. Firstly, it improves circulation and blood flow and, secondly, it fights anxiety and promotes better mental health which are other issues that can lead to hair loss.
A New Style
It may be as simple as choosing a more flattering cut for your hair type.
For example, if you feel like you may be receding at the hairline then opting for a style which lies forward across the forehead rather than being swept back may be beneficial.
It always best to speak to your barber or stylist about this first as there are other factors when choosing the right look for you, including face shape and lifestyle.
Different Styling Products
It can be the case that products which add sheen to the hair such as gels or pomades can make hair appear thinner. This is because they separate the strands and make the scalp beneath more noticeable.
There have never been more matt and thickening hair products available, so there are plenty of alternatives. Styling dusts and powders add bulk and density to hair, salt sprays can add volume and lift and hard clays or pastes can add grip.
Again, it may be best to consult your barber or stylist before investing as they will be well placed to suggest what may suit your hair best.
Try Washing Your Hair A Bit Less
Loose hairs can fall out when washed vigorously. Also, it’s healthy to have a little natural oils on your scalp for your hair to prosper.
We’re not suggesting that you cut out the shampoo all together, but if you currently wash your hair every day when you get in the shower then maybe cut it down to two or three times per week.
It’s also a good idea to choose a decent quality shampoo and conditioner that contains mainly natural products, your hair will thank you. Plus, now that you’ll be washing less often it’ll last you longer.


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