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Three of The Best - Statement Scarves

Three of The Best - Statement Scarves


Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s getting bloody cold out there. And as we reach the dark and icy depths of Winter, it’s definitely a case of the more items of clothing the better.
Unless you’re a cast member of Geordie Shore or one of the Toon Army firm, the main aim as we leave the house for work or a night out is to ensure that the amount of bare skin open to the elements is kept to the absolute minimum. Beanie - check, gloves - check, long johns - erm, probably not, scarf - absolutely.
With all this kit to contend with, it’s understandable that substance often overrides style in these circumstances and you end up looking like John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. However, thankfully this doesn’t have to be the case.
Sure, you could reach for that aged, bobbled scarf that arises at this time of year with all the predictably of Saint Nick himself, or you could take the opportunity to up your neckwear game. In a season of drabness, why not opt for a statement scarf to jazz up your look whilst fighting those artic winds? Here we take a look at a few of your best options.
Acne Studios Oversized Mohair Checked Scarf

Where else would we start but here? Luxury Swedish fashion house Acne Studios have been producing these monster sized hairy bad boys for a good few years now, and their popularity amongst the cool cats continues to rise.
Now available in a host of colour combinations from the somewhat subtle to the outrageously loud, even with a £240 price tag they commonly sell out quicker than they can be produced.
Instantly recognisable even when the iconic embroidered logo patch isn’t visible, whenever I see someone wearing one I covet it. Hopefully I’ve been a good lad this year and one will miraculously appear in my stocking.
Beams Plus Cashmere Scarf

Japanese brand Beams Plus having been making big waves in the menswear world over the past couple of years with their stylish take on wardrobe classics with a twist, and their cashmere scarves are a prime example of this.
Available in a superb range of colours from the conservative to the eye-catching, these ridiculously soft mufflers are the real deal. Our picks are the zesty orange and the Ribena berry-esque purple, both of which would add a sublime pop of colour to that dependable but otherwise uninspiring navy or charcoal overcoat.
Finished with a low key heritage branding tab and fringed edges, this is an item that could potentially be your go-to for years to come.
Stone Island Pertex Quantum Y Quilted Scarf

Stone Island are a genre splitting brand. As consistently popular with headbutt happy football hooligans as yacht owning Italian bankers, “Stoney” seems to have also found a new fanbase amongst younger streetwear wearing hipsters.
One thing that all of these groups appear to have in common is a shared love of top drawer fabrics. Stone Island have long been renowned as innovators when it comes to the materials used to produce their schmutter. From light as a feather shimmering Nylon Metal to weather resistant and ludicrously toasty Micro Reps.
This beast of a scarf is no different. Thanks to Primaloft tech and a “unique Y shaped structure of the yarns” it’s lightweight, warm, durable and water resistant. Basically, if you were atop Everest wearing one then your neck could well be your most body’s successfully functioning asset. The morning commute or jaunt to the local may seem like a bit of an overkill, but a stylish and cosy one.
As always, the colours are great too, dusty lilac and mustard are both great options. The famous compass rose emblem is woven at one end so you can feel at home at the footy, aboard your boat, at an underground rave or anywhere else where you need your neck attire to be on point.



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