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The Hair of ‘The Bear’

The Hair of ‘The Bear’

The Bear was one of Disney Plus’ unexpected headliners of 2022. Alas, it was no surprise when a second series was rushed through to release bang on a year after the first. Perhaps more surprising though was the fact that the tricky second season was just as lauded as the first, no easy feat (ahem, Stranger Things). 

There are many things that make The Bear so binge-worthy - the patiently built relationships, the perceived intensity of the professional kitchen, the mix of introverted and extroverted characters - the list goes on. Then there is one further characteristic that is perhaps less intentional from the creators; the looks. 

Right from the off main man Carmy gives us an insight into his low-key fashion flex by discussing selvedge denim in detail (he stores prime pieces in his home oven). Then Sydney steps in with some top tier gear including a selection of sweet Chicago Winter-ready jackets and a bandana that caused a stir on Twitter (sorry, X). 

And the trendsetting doesn’t stop at the garms, some of the hair is pretty good too. Here we take a look at a few of the best lids in the show, and how to get them should you wish to channel that sandwich shop chic.


Where else would we start but with the grease-spritzed, mid length locks of the Head Chef and proprietor played by Jeremy Allen White?

His loose, layered style is left heavy at the back and sits over the ears to give a slightly retro aesthetic. Plenty of length is retained through the top to allow it to be swept off the face amid all that steam. There’s no distinct part because, well, eighty hour weeks and split shifts don’t allow for it. 

Jeremy is lucky that he has a fine head of thick, wavy hair which works really well with this style. However, a similar look could be achieved with a variety of hair types. Of course it’d look different with straight hair but you could still have texture added and enjoy a similar length and cut.

Styling-wise, Carmy would need to add a little something to take out the frizz after washing, a paste, balm or leave in conditioner added to damp hair should do the trick. Allow to dry naturally or use a diffuser attachment to your hairdryer. If you aren’t lucky enough to have such enviable volume then opt for salt spray instead. 


Carmy’s sadly deceased brother, former Head Honcho of The Bear sandwich shop, makes a fair few appearances throughout the show in flashback episodes. It appears that a good thatch ran in the family, but not waves apparently.

Mikey’s poker straight hair is worn in a swept back pompadour style in series one and in more of a curtains style in series two. Both times it has been left longer at the front but tapered neatly above the ears. The neckline has been left a little heavier but it is certainly neater around the edges than Carny’s. 

These are great looks that suit a wide variety of hair types and lifestyles. They are hard to pull off with very curly or fine hair but aside from those you should be good to go. 

The longer bangs mean that the hair should sit in place pretty naturally, but you’ll need a bit of product to make sure it stays there throughout the day; clay or paste should do the trick. Blowdrying will add shape and volume but may not be necessary every day.


Uncle Jimmy 

Though not actually a blood relative, Jimmy Cicero is affectionately known as “Uncle Jimmy” by the Berzatto family (Carmy, Mikey and sister Sugar). 

A shrewd businessman, Jimmy is a well turned out fella, swapping suits and pea coats with v-neck sweaters on down days. Perhaps predictably, his barnet follows a similar sharp theme.

Cut in a classic pompadour style with plenty of volume through the front and neat scissor cut sides. It’s one of the most popular hairstyles of all time, and for good reason. It suits his straight hair perfectly but also works well with wavy hair. 

It appears that Jimmy knows his way around a hairdryer, possibly using a round brush to pull the hair up and back to get lift. Finished with a scoop of pomade for a bit of shine it’s no wonder the geezer is a man about town in Chicago. 

Cousin Richie 

Stubborn and abrasive, but with his heart in the right place, Richie was Mikey’s best friend and is a longstanding member of The Bear team. He splits his time between making sandwiches, poorly attempting to fix issues and generally arguing with everyone. 

He rocks a grown out buzz cut, and what better style to go for when flitting around a sweaty, stressful kitchen?

I’ve sung the praises of this particular style in articles previously, and it works well with Richie’s short beard. This is a style that requires next to no day-to-day styling and suits almost any hair type. It can emphasise a round face shape so maybe avoid in that instance. On the flip side, it works particularly well on those with angular faces and pronounced features.

There are a couple of ways to cut this look - with a longer clipper guard or as short as possible with scissors. Obviously, the clippers is a quicker, simpler option initially but will grow out in a very uniform length, which can have a “microphone” effect. With scissors you can remove more weight and add texture, meaning that the style will look better for longer. 

Should you wish to go for any of the looks from The Bear, or any other look for that matter, our barbers are always on hand to help you out.


Jeremy Allen White as Carmen 'Carmy' Berzatto in The Bear. Photograph: FX Networks


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