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The Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

The Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Most clients who sit in the barber chair have a fairly clear idea of the haircut that they’re hoping to leave the shop with, however, a far smaller percentage know in advance if it will suit them. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing what hairstyle to adopt including hair type, lifestyle and - crucially - face shape. 

We can all trawl through Google Images or Pinterest looking at chiselled celebrities and models who apparently suit every trim imaginable (we’re looking at you Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Cillian Murphy!), but do we know if it’ll actually suit a more run-of-the-mill mug? 

Here we take a brief look at which general styles suit the most common face shapes.


Square faces usually come with sharp, prominent jawlines and are probably the face shape that suits the largest variance of hairstyles. Basically, if you have a square face then you’re a lucky ba**ard. However, there are still a couple of simple rules to follow. 

Because square faces tend to be wider, avoid any styles which add volume on the sides as it’ll emphasise this width too much, same goes with centre parts and curtains. 

Therefore, ‘do’s that are cropped on the back and sides and longer and higher through the top work well if you have a good head of hair, these include textured quiffs and pompadours.

If you have thinner hair or a receding hairline then buzz cuts and French crops are great options that are effortlessly flattering. 


A round face shape may initially appear to be the furthest from square, but actually it shares some key characteristics. Sadly, you lose the rugged jawline but both shapes tend to be pretty symmetrical and a similar width from top to bottom. 

Be wary not to go for styles that are inherently round in shape and have no “corners”, as these will only emphasise the fullness of the face and the softness of the features. These include buzzcuts and faded crops. 

Opt for styles that add volume without bulk such as classic side parts (a la Leo Di Caprio), choppy bed head looks and tapers. 


If you have an oval face shape then it’s likely to be more elongated than square or round, with higher cheekbones and a smaller chin. 

Try to avoid long, sweeping fringes that cover the face and soften the angles, instead go for something that keeps most of your mug visible. 

Mid and long hair styles that are swept back work really well with oval faces, think Jake Gyllenhaal and Bradley Cooper for inspo. 

Good options for shorter styles include soft crops and subtle mod styles. It can be a good idea to keep the edges more relaxed to counteract angular features. 


The key thing to think about when choosing a style that compliments an oval face shape is that the aim is to broaden the shape of the face, rather than making it appear longer. 

For this reason we recommend avoiding hairstyles that are considerably shorter on the back and sides than on the top, for example skin faded undercuts or quiffs. 

The best option is to ditch the clippers altogether and go for a classic scissor cut style such as the executive contour or the ivy league. 

If something a bit edgier is more your bag then a Caesar or a shaggy, surfer-y style would work well too. 


Perhaps predictably, a diamond shaped face tends to get narrower towards the chin which means prominent cheek bones and angular features. 

There are a few main aims here - to balance the shape, soften the features and avoid the ears looking massive where the head is at its widest point.

Longer, layered styles work really well due to the roundness and volume. If you prefer to wear your hair shorter still opt for scissors, as softer, textured sides will work much better than the uniform nature of fades and clipper cuts.

Fringes work well too, but again opt for loose and relaxed over anything too severe or precise.


Triangular face shapes are highlighted by a prominent jawline and comparably narrow forehead. The best styles for this face shape tend to be those that add volume and height through the top to even this out. 

Quiffs, side parts and pompadours will all do the trick perfectly. The great thing about these styles is that you can mix up the sides - scissor cut for a more classic style or a low fade for a crisper, more modern aesthetic. 

You may need a hairdryer to get the most out of these sort of ‘do’s, don’t be daunted though, it’s pretty straight forward once you get the knack. 

If you’re unsure what face shape category you fall into, there are plenty of guides online. This is meant only as a rough guide, so don’t worry if your desired style doesn’t appear to match your assumed face shape. If in doubt speak to your barber or stylist who should be able to advise you more specifically on bespoke styles. 



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