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Hair Trends - The Surfer/Skater Look

Hair Trends - The Surfer/Skater Look

Much of the fashion of the couple of years or so have had more than a whiff of nostalgia about them, particularly for the thirty-somethings amongst us. If you’d have told me five years back that we’d have seen the resurgence of chunky trainers, bucket hats and big sportswear logo’s then it’s highly likely I wouldn’t have believed you.

The effect on hair trends has been no less surprising and no more subtle. The mullet made a triumphant switch from being the preferred style solely of Rod Stewart wannabees, to one of the looks of the moment for cool kids. Curtains were no longer a look of ridicule, instead now envied by those without the follicles to pull it off. 

So what is the next aesthetic that we’re beginning to see in the barbershops? Perhaps unsurprisingly given the aforementioned, it has more than a whiff of the late Nineties and early Noughties. It is the loose, round and flowing shapes that were associated with the skate and surf scene that was so prominent at the time. 

Of course, once again, it goes hand in hand with fashions - trouser legs getting ever looser, Stüssy tees and hoodies getting yet baggier and, yep, black Adidas Samba’s flying off the shelves once more. 

What’s The Look?

It’s almost the polar opposite image to the crisp sharp looks that have been so prominent in recent times such as skin fades and lined-up buzz cuts.

Surf/skate styles can be worn in wide a variety of lengths and hair types but they all share some common characteristics. Namely that the shapes are soft, loose and appear effortless (though they’re sometimes not). 

Neat necklines make way for natural, scissor cut edges and immaculate fringes are swapped for soft layers and volume. 

Inspiration is taken from rebellious looks such as the mullet and the mod, but with a more of a laissez faire attitude. It’s almost meant to look like it’s never been freshly cut. 

Who’s It For? 

In short, most people can achieve an element of this aesthetic. 

It’s perfect for those with wavy or stubborn hair that has a tendency to stick out or not sit in the shape that it’s meant to. This is because it isn’t meant to be neat. Even cowslicks and double crowns can be celebrated in these styles rather than cursed!

As with all styles, consider your personality and lifestyle. If you are somebody who loves to look immaculately groomed then you may find it hard to accept that your hair doesn’t look the same day-to-day. Embracing the fact that your ‘do moves in the wind may be more difficult for some than others. 

If you are required to look smart for work or a formal event then the idea of looking like Patrick Swayze from Point Break may seem a step too far, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t swap the clippers for scissors and the gel to salt spray for a more subtle take. 

How To Style It

As mentioned above, it’s a less-is-more look that shouldn’t require too much preening, however, it may not always be quite as simple as it appears. 

If you have dry, brittle hair then you may need something to moisturise and treat the hair such as a balm, cream or leave-in conditioner. These often work best when applied to damp hair and left to dry naturally or with the help of a hairdryer with diffuser attachment. 

If your locks want to lie flat and need a bit of help in the volume department then reach for products that add bulk and texture such as sea salt sprays or powders. These have a matt finish but add lift and density to hair. 

What To Ask For

Because there are numerous different styles and lengths that fit into this category we recommend taking a look online at sites such as Pinterest. 

Once you’ve found a couple of styles that you like take them to your barber or stylist to see if they will work for you. These guys know a thing or two about face and head shapes as well as hair!

Even if you cannot achieve the exact look that you’re after, you may be able to get something similar but with a few little tweaks here and there.  


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