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Ruffians Recommend - Tattoo Studios

Ruffians Recommend - Tattoo Studios

Us barbers are a creative bunch, it’s one of the main reasons that we do what we do. So it’s no surprise that we like to show this in the way that we look - from our own hair to our clothes.
Another way in which we like to show our individuality is through our body art. It’s no secret that barbers love tattoos, and at Ruffians we’re no different.
So if you’re thinking of getting inked for the first time, or adding to an extensive tattoo portfolio, we may be able to offer some helpful advice and recommendations on where to go.
Here, we speak to a handful of our most ink-obsessed trimmers to find out where they go and why.
Natalie Angold, Covent Garden and Shoreditch

“My most recent tattoo was an important one - a lifelike portrait of my beloved dog Donny. I entrusted Alex at Rufio Tattoo and it has totally surpassed my expectations.
Donny is always with me wherever I go (you may have seen him in our shops if you’ve been in for a trim) so it needed to be spot on. Alex nailed it down to his trademark one pricked and one dropped ears.
My second shout is someone who’s tattooed me numerous times; Sophie Floyd at Top Boy Tattoo in Brighton. She specialises in delicate, fine line work in black ink. From florals to animals and everything in between, her work is always on point.”
Jason Fairbank, Shoreditch

“There’s so many good studios and artists around London we’re spoilt for choice, it’s why I’m constantly thinking about the next one!
Shall Adore in Shoreditch, Family Business in Farringdon and Parliament Tattoo in Finsbury Park are a few that I’ve been to and would recommend without hesitation.
The place I’ve had the most tattoo’s from is Electric Tiger in Bromley as I’m a South London lad so it’s on my doorstep, and their work is quality.
Just off Broadway Market there’s a great studio called Femme Fatale with all female roster of artists, that’s the next spot on my list.”
TJ Hunt, Shoreditch

“All of my tattoos have been done by the same guy; Nigel Palmer who’s based down in Brighton.
At the time when I was going to see him then he was working at a place called Nine, who had a bunch of amazing artists in residence. You had to book in months in advance just to get a consultation.
What drew me to him was the abstract designs and crazy levels of detail. His work has a really distinct style, so much so that I’ve clocked a few people in the street who have had tattoo’s done by him.
Since then he had a break from tattooing to concentrate on art, another passion of his. However, I’ve seen recently that he’s started up again, so now would be a good time to hit him up before he gets stacked up again.”
Sirak Kebede, Covent Garden


“My go-to guy is Darryl Gates, he’s been working out of a legendary dingy basement studio in the heart of Soho called Diamond Jacks for decades.
Sadly, it recently closed its doors for good, but Darryl is still working from a private studio nearby.
His speciality is classic, old school stuff - a bit of a Sailor Jerry’s vibe to it. Super interesting guy too, so there won’t be any awkward silences whilst you’re under the needle for hours on end.”
Darren Morton-Oddy, Soho

“I have a penchant for old school tattoos, and for me Lucy Pryor is hands down the best in her field.
She works out of two shops - Good Times in East London and Blue Tattoo in Hammersmith.
She’s done 90% of my work, and is not only very talented but also a fab girl.”
So there you have it, the best places to get your next tattoo, tried and tested by Ruffians! Drop us a line and let us know if there’s any others that we should add to our list.


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