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Hair Heroes - Ryan Gosling

Hair Heroes - Ryan Gosling

Behind the scenes pictures have recently surfaced in the press for the upcoming Barbie movie, due for release in 2023. Perhaps surprisingly, the flick appears to have attracted an all star cast including Margot Robbie and Will Ferrell.
However, there is one character that has captured more headlines than their fellow cast members and that is Barbie’s longstanding beau Ken, played by a certain Ryan Gosling.
The heart throb appears to have stepped away from his trademark role as the brooding, mysterious and moody hero into something less subtle.
He is papped sporting a double denim combo of stonewashed jeans and torn-sleeved jacket with a bare torso beneath. Mahogany tanned six pack abs above “KEN” emblazoned boxers that share more than a passing resemblance to a well known underwear brand with a penchant for logo’d waistbands complete the ensemble. It’s a striking look for sure.
The crowning glory, if you will, of this eye catching look is Ken’s barnet. Peroxide blonde with bangs that drop down in a loose curtains style, it certainly fits the unmistakably retro aesthetic. However, one thing surprises more than anything in all of this - Gosling somehow still manages to pull it off.
This leads us to question whether there is any hairstyle that the man himself wouldn’t be able to pull off.
Here we take a look through his most well known hairstyles through the years, and how to achieve these should you wish to.
Drive – 2011

Still arguably one of the most requested haircuts for barbers across the country more than a decade on, Gosling’s hair in noir action drama Drive is iconic.
The style itself is actually nothing out of the ordinary, which fits perfectly with Ryan’s persona in the film, who tries to hide in plain sight as a near silent getaway driver and undercover badass with a penchant for troubled women with gangster husbands.
It’s always hard to know whether it’s actually the haircut that the punter wants or a slice of the character in these instances, but it’s a solid trim nonetheless.
Loosely parted and swept on top in a classic round shape, the sides are tapered but scissor cut with soft edges to give a natural, slightly grown out look.
It’s an easy style to wear, with just a little pomade or paste in dry hair to give a smart, but not too smart finish.
It’s very similar to styles worn by another timeless brooding hero of bygone times, a certain Steve Macqueen. We very much doubt that this is a lucky coincidence.
It is a style that will suit many people as is it won’t ever really go in or out of fashion and requires minimal upkeep and cuts at six week intervals.
The Notebook - 2004

Cult tearjerker The Notebook pits Gosling as a young Noah “Duke” Calhoun, a devoted and romantic 1940’s gent who rekindles his lost love through the craft of house renovation.
To fit this more wholesome mould, his hair is worn much longer than his usual styles and styled naturally to reflect his character’s outdoorsy vibe.
It’s quite a loose, surfer-y cut that is round in shape, long through the back and splits where Gosling appears to have a cows lick, which gives him a swept fringe.
If you have the right hair type (straight or slightly wavy but not tight or curly) then it’s a pretty easy style to wear and doesn’t require cutting too often.
However, be warned that longer hair can require more day-to-day maintenance as it has a tendency to be fluffy after washing or oily when incorrect products are used. Styling aids such as leave in conditioners or creams can be beneficial.
The Place Beyond The Pines - 2012

Barbie won’t be Gosling’s first dabble with the bleach. In The Place Beyond The Pines his character Luke Glanton is a circus stunt rider-turned-bank robber who combines peroxide locks with prison style face tattoos.
The character was written specifically for Gosling by director Derek Cianfrance and the barnet fits the role perfectly. Glanton is a character who is more than a little rough around the edges, but his misdemeanours come from a good place as he looks to support his partner and child.
This is reflected in the sense that whilst the bright blonde is rebellious, the style is actually not too outlandish.
In fact, it’s not too dissimilar to his cut in Drive except that the sides are cropped slightly shorter and it’s a bit choppier, so it appears more messy. With a different product it could actually still look quite smart and neat.
It’s a very wearable and flexible style that would suit a wide variety of people.
Blade Runner 2049 - 2017

In the remake of the 1982 sci-fi classic, Gosling takes centre stage as Officer K, a bioengineered LAPD officer.
With one purpose - to kill other rogue human replicants, his character warranted a haircut that was more gnarly than his trademark swept number.
The result is a much shorter, broken-up style than those we have previously seen on the actor.
Clippered to around a grade two on the back and sides, the high sides and top have been left intentionally irregular to create a messy, lived-in texture. Because of Gosling’s naturally straight hair, if cut to a uniform length this look wouldn’t be possible.
It then appears to have been styled with a high hold wax or pomade to give a strong, glossy finish.
This style is very wearable, especially for those who tend to opt for a more casual appearance. It works particularly well for those with a good head of relatively straight hair, but could be tailored to other hair types.


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