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How to Deal With Festival Hair

How to Deal With Festival Hair
After a three year hiatus, this week marks the highly anticipated return of Glastonbury. The hallowed ground of Worthy Farm will once again open it’s doors to over 200,000 revellers who’ve waited patiently to take in the hedonistic delights of one of the World’s most iconic music festivals.
Come rain (highly likely) or shine (always a chance), the atmosphere at this year’s festival promises to be electric. Whilst fans are used to fallow breaks every five years, this is the longest period without a Glastonbury Festival since 1979. Combine all of that pent up anticipation with the fact that 2022 marks the 50th anniversary and; if you’re lucky enough to be there; it’ll be one to remember.
Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar and Sir Paul McCartney are the headliners, but there is a star-studded lineup across all the times and stages. From Dianna Ross to Foals and Pet Shop Boys to Sleaford Mods, there really is something for everyone.
However, sadly, there is another certainty that comes with the Glastonbury territory - bad conditions when it comes to grooming. Unless you’ve cashed out big for the top shelf glamping options, or are kipping at a nearby Holiday Inn, then you’re unlikely to see much in the way of conditioner or a hairdryer for a few days.
Here we’re going to take a look at how best to maintain your barnet so you don’t end up looking like you’ve borrowed The Cure’s Robert Smith’s lid come Sunday.

Prepare Well 

Whilst many would describe partaking in Glastonbury as a positively life changing event, just as many will confirm that it’s an exercise in endurance.
Up to five days of non-stop partying will take its toll on even the most hardcore of participants. And that’s why prior preparation is essential.
Get your fill of beauty sleep, drink plenty of water, eat some fruit and veg. You know the score. And whilst undertaking this comprehensive self-care routine, don’t forget about your hair.
Scrub shampoos are great for not only cleaning your hair, but the granules will shift any dead skin and grime from your scalp. It’s your best shout for getting a wash that’ll last you ’til you return home a wounded soldier.
Try to keep any oil based products to a minimum to avoid your locks becoming too greasy as the days go by.
It’s also advisable to wear your hair as naturally as possible when you set out. Any high volume quiff or meticulous part is unlikely to make it to Saturday morning.

Keep It Short & Messy

If you wear your hair short, then be sure to get your fresh fade in just before you set off.
The tighter the back and sides are when you start, the less you should have to worry about. The weight on the blend into the top will look neat, which means that the style should hold out with minimal product and styling.
If you have thick hair then a choppy top is a good option, ask for it to be cut at irregular lengths to achieve this.
It’ll not only make your thatch look and feel less heavy, the overall style will be quite loose and relaxed. This means it’ll be easier to maintain and less people will be aware if anything is out of place.

Pack The Right Product 

If you just can’t go the distance without any styling aids, then be sure to keep it simple and choose the right one.
If your hair has a tendency to get oily then opt for something that offers a dry, matt finish. A hair powder or salt spray will give volume and hold without adding any grease or shine.
If you have drier hair then a pot of clay or paste should do the trick for any ongoing touch ups.
Don’t be tempted to overcomplicate things and take an array of stuff with you, it’ll only make your job more tough. Plus, remember, everyone is in the same boat and they’re highly likely to be in no fit state to worry about your ‘do by day three.
A last minute, surprise entry into the ‘Must Have Festival Products’ is that 2000’s favourite - dry shampoo. It’ll stop your barnet from getting too lank and oily. Plus, the word shampoo may make you feel less like you haven’t showered for your longest period since you started secondary school.
Lastly, no glass containers are allowed, so be sure to decant your preferred product into a non-glass holder if needs be.

Insider Cleaning Hacks

Having spoken to a couple of devoted Glastonbury regulars, there are a couple of options for cleaning your hair mid-festival.
Firstly, you can pay to use the smug glamper’s showers. I’m sure they’d rather you wouldn’t, which is why it doesn’t seem to be common knowledge.
The other option for the clean freaks amongst you is to bring a bowl make the most of that most precious natural resource - cold, running water. Allegedly, if you leave said bowl of water in the sun (hopeful) long enough then it makes hair washing/rinsing just about bearable.


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