Barber tips: The Pompadour

01 July 2015

Jason Fellows, Ruffians' Education Manager, explains a bit about the classic Pompadour:

"Essentially, this is a variation on a short back and sides, but the exciting part comes in the styling. A Pompadour carries a lot of weight on top, which is styled into a hard parting or completely quiffed back. Interestingly, this style originated amongst the elite ladies of 18th Century France - Madame de Pompadour to be precise. This was then adapted to men's haircuts and adopted much later on by Elvis in the 50s, and Danny Zuko and co in Grease." To achieve the style, Jason recommends:

- using a shampoo that will effectively clean out the previous day's product well. Ruffians Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner is good for this, as it designed for frequent use
- applying a pre-styling mousse
- using a vent brush, while blow-drying the hair
- applying a thumb-size portion of Ruffians Classic Pomade, and running it through the top section. This is an effective product to use as it has a strong hold. Being water-based, it will give a great shine and is easy to clean.
- using a spritz of setting spray

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