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Barber Tips: How to Maintain Thick, Healthy Hair

Barber Tips: How to Maintain Thick, Healthy Hair

Do you find that your hair gets overgrown too quickly? Or becomes unruly and unmanageable only a few weeks after having it cut? Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your haircut, courtesy of our lovely Edinburgh Ruffian Stewart Kwan.

Stewart's first point of call is to assess the texture of his customer's hair - whether it is wavy and soft, thick and wiry, or curly and coarse. 'Often when you ask customers if they want some weight taken out of their hair, they're not sure what you're asking. It's good to get an idea of what kind of hair they have, and how fast it normally grows, so you can advise them in the best way.'

Stewart usually uses tapering scissors to take weight out of hair, and finds that 'point cutting', a method involving small triangular motions with the scissors to create texture, is an effective way to reduce weight without leaving hair looking thin or limp. Split cutting is also a popular technique, whereby the barber cuts out thin slivers of hair at a vertical angle to create a sleeker, more manageable style.


The main benefit of these techniques is that the form of your cut lasts longer, making your hair feel softer and lighter without taking away any of the shape or texture. It also makes styling easier, as thick hair can be incredibly difficult to tame if it's not looked after properly.

Stewart recommends using our Styling Paste to maintain texture whilst still providing control, or, 'if you don't like a lot of product, use a few drops of hair oil to retain moisture and calm unruly hair.' NB - our Organic Argan Beard Oil (available in store!) will work fine as well!


He also suggests adding a drop of oil to your existing styling pastes and products, again to ensure that hair is kept well hydrated. 'Avoid using products that are dry in composition, as these will be difficult to apply, and may not provide the desired effect. It's important to use products that balance your natural hair type, so make sure you speak to your barber about what would work best with your specific hair style.'

So, we hope this explains certain things about the way to ask for a haircut! This kind of consultation will take place at the beginning of your Ruffians appointment and is crucial in really getting the most out of your haircut and your barber.


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