Hair Cream



This is our hero product, because whatever your hair needs . . . it does! It’s a one-stop, multi-purpose, high-functioning show-pony that works wonders on the following areas:

  • Smoothing and control for curly, frizzy or thick hair
  • Volume and control if you have fine or weak hair
  • Improved condition of hair and scalp with a natural shine

We were inspired to make this hair cream in an attempt to de-mystify things. There are so many choices on a shelf these days and it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. You don’t need a million different products to individually address conditioning and de-frizzing and volume and styling – you just need one product that’s capable of achieving a lot.



+ Our bespoke seaweed blend of bladderwrack, knotted wrack, sea kelp and chlorella strengthens hair, adds vitamins and minerals, and gives support and hold.

+ Vitamin B3 increases suppleness and visual appearance of the hair – think of it as a natural botox!

No silicone or SLS

Made in the UK

50ml 1.7fl oz