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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Grooming

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Grooming

Wedding season is upon us. And what with the backlog of delayed lockdown nuptials, every man and his dog is going to be getting their wedding fix in Summer 2022.

Maybe it your’s, maybe you’re the Best Man, Father of The Bride, or maybe you’re just a run-of-the-mill guest there for the free food and table wine. Any which way, it’s likely to be your most photographed event of the year.
There’s the professional photographer, whose fine work featuring your mug will be held in high esteem by the lucky couple and their families for generations to come. Then there’s the plentiful amateurs, whose snaps of you making small talk with Grandma and cutting shapes on the dance floor will be plastered over Facebook or Insta for all to see.
This can mean only one thing - you’ve got to look your best. There’s lots to think about; suits, ties, shoes, aftershave, cufflinks, the list goes on.
Of course, one of the main things to get right is your grooming. Your hair and/or beard needs to be on point. We’re only too aware of this, it feels like every other haircut we’re doing in our shops right now is for a wedding.
That’s why we feel that we’re in a good position to share our wisdom and experience in how to nail your grooming routine for the big day, giving you more time to worry about that speech or mentioning any exes after a few jars.
DO - Think about the timing of your pre-wedding haircut
There’s no hard and fast rule on when to get your pre-wedding haircut done, but the day before isn’t for everyone.
Sure, if you’re thing is a crispy, high and tight skin fade then you’ll want to leave it as late as possible to get the most out of that pristine finish.
However, if you’re the type of guy who has a softer style; say a scissor cut or a loose sweep back; then chances are your hair will look best around a week to ten days after being cut.
Also, if you’re the type of person who only has their hair cut every now and then, or if you’ve left it longer than normal, then it may take a few days for the hair to “settle” after having a significant amount chopped off.
DON’T - Go for a new style for the day
We’ve all been there. As the big event approaches you’re scrolling through pics of Beckham’s new barnet thinking how much fresher it’ll look with that new suit than the standard short, back and sides.
Be warned, it’s a risk. If your new look doesn’t look quite as you’d envisaged, or you don’t know how to style it properly, then it can put a dampener on things and cause stress.
If you’re one of those organised souls who has the foresight to try a new look with time in hand to revert back to your trusted style if necessary then go for it. Otherwise, we’d recommend sticking with a style that you are accustomed to.
Same applies for facial hair. If you’re used to wearing a beard then don’t reach for the blade and risk wedding day irritation and redness. If you’re usually clean shaven then maybe you won’t want your first beard attempt to be immortalised in wedding photography for all to see.
DO - Think about the overall look

Until fairly recently, if you were a wedding guest then you’d just brush off the trusty grey suit and white shirt, polish the work shoes and away you go. Or, even easier, if you were a Groomsman then you’d often be told what to wear.
However, at the moment weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Many couples are opting for more casual, laid back affairs or even a themed event such as a festival and camping style party.
This means more outfit choices than ever before. Maybe it’s a relaxed linen suit, maybe it’s a 50’s style double breasted number, or maybe it’s jeans and a shirt.
It’s a good idea to bear this in mind when styling your hair for the day. For example, it’s advisable not to team a formal morning suit with an edgy mullet or a classic Madman-style, high shine look for a wedding on a farm.
DON’T - Get too heavy handed with the products
The temptation to reach for the mega hold hairspray to fix a quiff in place can be real. So too can be the urge to add an extra scoop of clay to emphasise texture.
However, on big occasions, it’s often more sensible to opt for a more natural finish that compliments your cut. The main reason for this is that it’s a long day.
You don’t want to be rushing off to the loo’s to sort out windswept bangs or wiping gel from your brow that’s been reactivated by rain or dance floor sweat.
When a lot of product is added to hair then it can look great initially, but there’s more to go wrong further down the line. Hair can get heavy and greasy and sections that have been held in place can drop.
Whereas, if you go for a lighter, more malleable product then you can rework it throughout the day by simply running your fingers through it, and any imperfections won’t be so obvious.


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