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A good skincare routine is important to help protect the largest organ of the body and to make sure that your skin stays in good condition. Using the right products as part of your daily routine can make a massive difference to how your skin looks and feels. Our friends at Humanery have curated an incredible range of great skincare products for men, that you can buy alongside the hair products you love from us at Ruffians.
Skincare can help with a whole host of skin concerns like ageing, acne, blocked pores, oily skin, ingrown hairs, dry skin, or dull skin. An added amazing benefit of a skincare routine is that it’s great for health, self-care, and wellness – it isn’t just something that’s completely superficial or skin deep.


Traditionally, men’s skincare has trailed behind the range of products on offer for women. Thankfully, this is changing. Men have started to demand more solutions-based skincare that goes further than the basics. Brands are listening to them and formulating effective skincare that’s been made with men in mind.

When it comes to building a skincare routine, it doesn’t just stop with self-care and concerns. Getting your skincare sorted can help to slow down the signs of ageing, protecting the skin from sun damage and environmental factors that cause premature ageing. This means that it’s easier to maintain the condition of your skin as you age. It also promotes healthy habits and in turn, healthy skin that’s nourished, balanced, and looks its best. This can help you to adopt other healthy routines too.
Building up a routine can also boost your confidence as you look and feel more comfortable in your skin. This can lead to taking better care of yourself, healthier skin, and building other routines that benefit your overall health and wellbeing too. 


It’s easy to think of skincare and self-care as two distinct, separate things but this isn’t the case at all. The act of applying skincare by massaging or tapping it into the skin feels soothing and calming. It’s also a great way to begin your day with a refreshing, invigorating routine and then unwind at the end of the day with a more relaxing, intentional routine. Taking pride in the way you look and feel is also an important part of self-care and boosting your confidence.


A good skincare routine doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just five simple steps can help you on your way to making a difference in your skin.
  1. Cleanser
A cleanser cleans dirt, oil, sweat, and the effects of daily life—such as pollution, makeup, and dead skin cells—from your skin. A cleanser can be a balm, cream, liquid, oil, or foam and is usually used as the first step of a skincare routine, to prep the skin for the next steps.
  1. Toner
A toner is the next step to clean, refresh, and rebalance your skin. Toners help to keep the skin’s natural pH in balance and often include skin-boosting ingredients for an extra benefit. You can use it twice a day, but if your skin’s dry or sensitive, once is usually enough.
  1. Serum
A serum is a powerful shot of concentrated, active ingredients that goes directly into your skin. If you’re worried about ageing, dry skin, scarring, skin texture, or acne then a serum is even more of a must-have. You usually apply once a day using tapping motions with your fingertips or palms.
  1. Eye Cream
Eye cream is a thicker cream that’s used to hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes. The skin in this area is thinner than other parts of the face so tends to show signs of ageing and sun damage more quickly. This is why adding an eye cream into your routine can help to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.
  1. Moisturiser & SPF
A moisturiser replenishes the moisture and hydration of your skin. This helps to improve signs of ageing, dull skin, dry skin, and helps to keep flakes at bay. Applying SPF daily (even if it’s not sunny) also helps to fight sun damage and premature ageing, as well as lowering the risk of major skin diseases. Some products combine both in one step.


In addition to the basics, you can also look at using a face mask or spot treatment to target specific concerns or areas. A face mask can give a temporary boost of skincare ingredients whereas a spot treatment is used to target acne or breakouts right where you need it.
Our partner Humanery’s entire skincare routine guide is a more comprehensive run through the ideal skincare routine. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, then start out with a simple three-step routine that focuses on the essentials. Simply cleanse, tone and moisturise your face twice a day. 


If you’re clear on the routine but aren’t sure where to start when it comes to choosing your product, here are some recommendations to get started.
  1. PATRICKS AM1 Anti-Ageing Moisturizer
  • Product Type: Face Moisturiser
  • Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid
  • Why Is It Great: This lightweight moisturiser works beneath the skin’s surface to hydrate the skin from within by reducing the appearance of fine lines and protecting the skin’s barrier.
  • Price: £88
  1. Ra. Men’s Care – The Everyday Cleansing Bar
  • Product Type: Face Cleanser
  • Key Ingredients: Bentonite clay, essential oils, and grapefruit oils.
  • Why Is It Great: This cleansing bar is gentle enough to use on your face or body. It’s made sustainably with zero plastic and uses clay, lemongrass, and grapefruit to help keep the skin clean.
  • Price: Was £9 | Now £7.65
  1. D’ALCHÉMY Hydrating Dew Toner
  • Product Type: Facial Toner
  • Key Ingredients: Algae.
  • Why Is It Great: This hydrating toner helps to balance the skin’s pH whilst also soothing and hydrating with damask rose and algae.
  • Price: £34.50
  1. Jack Black Oil-Control Facial Toner
  • Product Type: Facial Toner
  • Key Ingredients: Antioxidants, salicyclic acid, and witch hazel.
  • Why Is It Great: This gentle toner exfoliates the skin surface, reducing oil production and blocked pores with salicylic acid and soothing natural extracts.
  • Price: £25
  1. Skin W1 Collagen Stimulating Serum
  • Product Type: Face Serum
  • Key Ingredients: Niacinamide, copper amino acid complex, and witch hazel.
  • Why Is It Great: This anti-ageing formulation boosts collagen, healing, and firming whilst hydrating the skin.
  • Price: £95
  1. Supper Club Skincare – Sabzi Day & Night Face Serum
  • Product Type: Face Serum
  • Key Ingredients: Coriander Seed Oil, Turmeric, Pomegranate Oil, Parsley Seed Oil, and Dill Seed Oil.
  • Why Is It Great: This blend of reparative, luxurious oils helps to heal and repair the skin (plus it smells great!)
  • Price: £85
  1. Five Dot Botanics Full Bright Renewal Eye Serum
  • Product Type: Eye Serum
  • Key Ingredients: Caffeine
  • Why Is It Great: Specially formulated to minimise fine lines and dark circles. It soothes and revives the skin with plant-based ingredients.
  • Price: £30
  1. Humanity Cosmetics Eye Restore Cream
  • Product Type: Eye Cream
  • Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, jellyfish collagen, and sodium DNA
  • Why Is It Great: Designed to alleviate dark circles, smoothen the skin, rejuvenate, and brighten the eye area.
  • Price: £55
  1. Pelegrims Facial Balm
  • Product Type: Face Balm
  • Key Ingredients: Grapeseed oil and marine algae extract.
  • Why Is It Great: This nourishing facial balm contains natural ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin.
  • Price: £45
  1. Lifejacket SPF 50+ Mineral Sun Stick
  • Product Type: SPF Moisturiser
  • Key Ingredients: Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
  • Why Is It Great: This clinically approved sunscreen makes UV protection easy with its convenient and effective formulation.
  • Price: £15
  1. Frances Prescott Tri Spritz
  • Product Type: Face Mist
  • Key Ingredients: Chuffa milk, coconut water, and white tea.
  • Why Is It Great: Hydrates and conditions the skin while killing pollutants that may lead to blemishes and irritation, with a relaxing fine mist and scent.
  • Price: £40
  1. (MALIN+GOETZ) 10% Sulfur Paste
  • Product Type: Spot Treatment
  • Key Ingredients: Active sulfur and salicylic acid.
  • Why Is It Great: Calms blemishes and fights skin impurities without drying out the skin, helping to avoid scarring.
  • Price: £20


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