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Let’s Talk Hair Powder

Let’s Talk Hair Powder
Have you been for a haircut recently and noticed something different?

Instead of reaching for the customary tub of wax or paste to finesse your newly shorn hatch, did your barber opted for a mysterious magic dust? And as the dust settled, did you wonder what on earth just happened?

“Does he think he’s the Salt Bae of hair?”
“Is he training to be a magician?” 

“Did I fall asleep and wake up on ‘Stars in Their Eyes’?”

Here we will attempt to uncover the conundrum of hair’s newest styling aid, Hair Powder, and why you should add it to your grooming arsenal.

What Does It Do?

In a nutshell, it adds extreme density and volume to hair. It has a strong and very matt finish, meaning it won’t look like you have a great deal of product in your hair but will feel almost gritty to the touch. Kind of like a turbo charged salt spray finish.

Who’s It For?

It works for a wide variety of hair types and styles. It does a fantastic job of thickening fine or thinning hair, making it feel and appear more full. It’s best suited to styles which are more messy and less uniform, not ideal for a classic slick back but perfect for a textured quiff or crop. It can also make naturally straight hair appear less flat and lifeless when teamed with a choppier cut or layers.


How Do I Use It?

We find that it works best in dry hair. From there on in it’s dead simple; hold the bottle above your head upside down and tap to release the granules throughout the hair. Once its sitting on the hair then ruffle through with your fingers so that it gets distributed evenly throughout the hair. You can then use your fingers to give certain areas more attention but don’t overdo it, this product looks best in more undone styles.
You can also add it in your palm to more subtle, water based products to add hold and decrease sheen.

And What Exactly Is It?

It may look like talc, but there’s more to it than that. It’s a combination of natural origin silica and organic seaweed extract.
The silica supports weightless styling and absorbs excess oil and moisture whilst the seaweed extract nourishes and maintains hair health.
We hope this solves the powder puzzle but, as always, if you want to know anything further about any of our products or would like any styling advice then just drop us a line.
If Ruffians Hair Powder sounds like your cup of tea then it can be found online at and at all our barbershops.


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