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It's Not All Blades & Fades at Ruffians...

16 November 2016

Throughout the year 2016, we have seen an increasing amount of customers moving away from the high and tight looks of the last few years. And fades, although still hugely popular at all of our shops, are getting lower and softer.

Denis, a stylist at our Covent Garden store, has been predicting longer softer styles for the upcoming year, and we've got together a video of how a commercial, but technical, look can be achieved in the barber shop.

Also, we have also been seeing guys with long hair wanting an actual hair style and not just long hair - usually, these gents would have to visit a hairdressing salon but now, they have an expectation that a 'modern barber' can be all things to all people.

This expectation is one of the many things that drive Ruffians' development plans for the future, from the newly graduated stylists to our more experienced team members. It is hugely important to us that our skill set matches the changing needs of our clients, and we are developing a team of hybrid barbers/men's hairdressers that are able to meet any and all requirements.