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How to Handle a Receding Hairline

How to Handle a Receding Hairline

The widow’s peak, or a dreaded hair island adrift from its follicular friends. Unfortunately, a receding hairline is something that many of us will have to deal with at some point.  

However, fear not, for us barbers appreciate that this is one of the main causes of concern for clients, and we know a thing or two about how to deal with it. Here we’re going to run through a few valuable tips. 

Pick a complimentary style 

More often that not, if your hairline is a point of concern, a swept back style is not the one to go for.
When you pull the hair upwards and away from the face it accentuates the hairline, making any imperfections more obvious. The same could be said for classic side-parted styles, where the hair being split and pulled in different directions makes the receding area more apparent.
Often, the best styles to opt for are ones that are worn forwards with a shorter fringe. French crops and alike appear to add thickness and choppy texture can be added for interest and to make it unique.
Styles where the hair is cut short (two inches or less) on top usually work better than longer lengths which are more susceptible to splitting or moving about in wind, rain or when sweating to reveal more follicular foibles.

Use the right products 

Hair products that appear in any way wet look, high shine or greasy tend to weigh the strands  down which makes hair look more sparse and lank.
Instead, go for a more matt product such as a clay or powder as they make the hair appear fuller and thicker.

Don't mess about with it

When you run your hands through your hair throughout the day it will often make it more greasy.
Again, this will separate your strands and make your thatch appear finer and less voluminous.
Embrace a more natural look and don’t worry about it not sitting perfectly one hundred percent of the time, it’ll be better for your stress levels and your barnet.

Trust your barber

Although nobody knows your own hair better than you, your stylist’s overall hair knowledge will be far superior.
If you’ve been getting trims from the same person for a while then they should have a good idea how your hair would sit in varying styles and with different products. Therefore, they’re in a good position to make recommendations on ongoing maintenance.
In short, chat to them before you reach for the clippers.


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