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How Best To Maintain Your Fade

How Best To Maintain Your Fade

We all know that a fresh fade is iconic. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll see Idris Elba walking down the red carpet without one, and Jack Grealish wouldn’t step foot onto the football pitch with fluffy sides, so why should you be any different? Well, perhaps because you don’t have a private travelling barber at your beck and call to keep you looking crisp at all times.  

Fear not, for if your budget and lifestyle doesn’t allow for such a luxury, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered together some of our finest fade experts to give you their tips on how best to maintain your fade. So, let’s get into what they had to say. 

Come And See Us Regularly

It may sound super obvious, but a fade is not a hairstyle that allows for plenty of time between trims. 

“Some people think that the shorter the hair is cut, the longer you can go between haircuts, however, often this is the opposite of the truth.” says Callum McDonald of our Covent Garden branch. 

“Your hair will grow at the same rate whatever length you choose to wear it at (around half an inch a month). This will be far less noticeable after, say, six weeks for someone with shoulder length hair than someone with a skin fade.”

“If you like your hair ultra tight on the back and sides then you will start to notice the blurry transition of a fade becoming less noticeable after a couple of weeks. After four weeks or so it will have pretty much disappeared, at which point you’ll need to come and pay us a visit again.” 

Short of opting for a longer, softer style there is little you can do to prevent this, although Callum explains that there may be one other option at your disposal: 

“If you get on well with your barber and just want to keep the fade fresh between trims then you could always ask them if it’s possible to get a quicker - and subsequently cheaper - interim trim between cuts. They may be able to offer a tidy-up or back and sides only service with no wash for a lower cost. That way you can alternate full cuts with keeping just the fade in shape”. 

Choose The Right Fade 

Richard Tucker, Manager of our Shoreditch outpost, is widely regarded as one of the most talented fade masters in the country, so who better to ask about different types of fades?

“Many clients think that there is only one type of fade, but actually there are many. Fades don’t have to start from skin and they don’t have to be military grade high and tight” he explains. 

“If you’re looking for a fade that offers the most longevity then maybe consider going for a low fade or taper fade, that way the transition won’t be as noticeable as it grows out. This is because it’s a softer style from the word go.” 

To this end, Tucker advises doing some research before sitting down in the barber chair:

“Take a look on Pinterest or Google Images on different types of fades and ask your barber which he feels would work best for your hair type and lifestyle. Haircuts are a collaborative effort and always work best when you have a solid barber-client understanding.” 

Get The Right Products

Obviously, products won’t stop your fade from growing out but; as Craig Britton of our Edinburgh branch explains; they can help in making it look good for a while longer.

“Fluffiness and fades are not best mates, so using products that smooth and hydrate the hair can improve the look and longevity of a fade if your strands are fine, wavy or unruly.”

“This can start in the shower by using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients, and continue when styling by using products such as creams or pomades.” 

Craig then goes into how it’s not just hair specific products that can be beneficial to keeping your barnet in check. 

“If you’ve gone for a fade or taper so tight that the scalp is visible then remember to apply moisturiser or balm there the same as you would do on your face. Nobody wants to see dry skin, no matter where it is.”

The Devil Is In The Details 

We would always stop short of telling you to reach for the clippers yourself and attempt a home fade; it’s a lot more complicated a process than it appears, trust us. However, we’re totally on board with you keep the edges neat and tidy as it compliments our fine work! Naomi Richardson, Manager at our Marylebone barbershop explains more.

“One of the great things about leaving the barbershop with a fresh fade is that is looks so sharp, and a big part of this is in the details - the crisp hairline edges and the lack of hair on the neck for example.” 

“These are things that can quite easily be maintained at home, once you get used to it, with just the bare blade of a set of beard or hair trimmers. Keeping these bits looking tidy can buy you that little bit of extra time before the next haircut.”

One final word of advice from Naomi for all of you looking to take things into your own hands though:

“Maybe don’t try any of this for the first time before an important event. It may be a pain at times to get into the shop and see us for a quick tidy-up but; trust us; it’ll be less painful than heading to a promising date or a mate’s wedding with wonky sideburns and a dodgy DIY hairline.”


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