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What is “Yuppie-Core”?

What is “Yuppie-Core”?

Some things in life are cyclical and there’s nothing we can do about it. Just as day will always turn into night and seasons come and go, fashions and trends will rise from the ashes; even the ones that we least expect. 

After a good long run at the top of the tree, could the 90’s streetwear vibe be slowly coming to an end? Stüssy and Supreme hope not, but it may be the case. 

The unusual circumstances of a global pandemic brought about a big movement to embrace nature (possibly because pubs were closed) and this spiked “gorpcore”; the elevation of tech-y outdoor brands into the fashion scene. This no doubt caused much glee and heavy wallets for the CEO’s of Arc’teryx, Salomon and alike but could this too have reached its peak, so to speak?

It’s no secret that hair trends follow along the same lines as fashions so, alas, no surprise that the cool kids were rocking 90’s faded crops a few years back before opting for looser, grown out styles that require less maintenance and product. Ideal for say hiking or climbing, right?

Of course there will be plenty of folk who still choose to rock these looks because it suits them and fits their lifestyle, and that’s great, but what will the cool kids be onto next? Well, Highsnobiety - the online bible of all things hip - reckon it could be a significant shift. 

For their money, the next big thing is something that they’ve coined “Yuppie-Core”, a modern take on the 80’s Wall Street heyday where young urbanites rocked boxy tailoring at work and pleated chinos, tucked in polo’s and loafers in their downtime. 

I mean, who are we to argue? We’ve definitely seen a sharp increase in the number of Paraboot leather loafers padding the streets. And when we’ve asked where the jackets of our best-dressed clients are from, it’s becoming far more common to get the reply “Drakes”, a luxury Saville Row outfitters who straddle leisure and formal wear and who would’ve certainly been seen as stuffy by many only a few years back. 

So, now that we know what the next big thing could be, what does this mean for hair trends? Here we take a look at a few styles that could be a good fit with this clean cut aesthetic. 

Ivy League Haircut 

The Ivy League haircut is an American classic. It’s similar to a crew cut or a crop but with a little more length left through the front to allow the hair to be pushed from one side to the other to create a neat side part. 

Generally, the hair is kept shorter through the crown and the sides are tightly cut with clippers, though this can be tailored to suit the individual.

It’s a pretty easy cut to style and requires minimal day-to-day maintenance. A fingernail-sized amount of styling paste or clay worked through dry hair should do the trick. You may need to use a hairdryer to direct the fringe if you have stubborn hair.

However, though the styling routine is pretty simple, you’ll need to head to the barbershop on a monthly basis to keep your Ivy League trim looking neat

Classic Swept Scissor Cut 

It’s a bonafide classic that everyone from your partner to your mum will be a fan of, and for good reason. 

The classic swept back scissor cut is flattering for many different face shapes and works well on a variety of hair types. We’d probably avoid it if you have very curly or tightly coiled hair and if your hair is poker straight be sure to allow enough length through the top sides for it to sit back naturally without pinging out. 

You may be able to get away with applying some product when the hair is damp and allowing to dry naturally if you prefer a looser look, but to get maximum volume and precision a hairdryer will be required. 

If cut well it can be a fairly easy style to wear as the length at the front and the layers through the sides should mean that it sits in shape pretty effortlessly. 

More good news is that - because the hair isn’t cut too short at any point - you may be able to leave it a little longer between trims, every six to eight weeks should do the trick.

Taper Fade

Like the idea of the classic swept scissor cut, but worried it may make you look like your dad in photo’s when he was your age? Fear not, just ask for a taper fade. 

The silhouette is basically the same but with the addition of tight, low tapers to the neckline and sideburns. It gives the whole style a cleaner, more modern look. Plus, you still get that fresh feeling from going short with the clippers. 

Styling-wise follow exactly the same lead as above, however, one thing to consider is that you’ll need to get the tapers trimmed more often than scissored edges if you want to keep it looking fresh. 

If you feel like one of these cuts could be the one for you, then book into one of our barbershops to get the look. Even if you just want to talk through a potential new style or current trends pop by for a chat, we’re always here to help. 


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