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The Best Hair Styles for Hot Weather

The Best Hair Styles for Hot Weather

As the clocks go forward and the mercury rises over the Easter period to signal the welcome end of Winter, dare we dream of a hot Summer? One filled with beach days, late evening barbecues and beer gardens.

As our expectations grow, so does our hair, and with that comes the age old question… Do I go short for Summer?

Many are tempted to shed their longer locks to give way to an easier, cooler style during the warmer seasons. Here we take a look at a few of the best options if you’re ready to take the plunge.

The drop crop


Cut By Jason Fairbank – Barber At Ruffians Shoreditch

A choppier, less structured version of the OG version sported by Phil Foden and alike, the drop crop is made to measure for Summer.

For a start, the hair on top is cut irregularly so that it doesn’t sit too flat. This means that it won’t matter if you get a bit sweaty and run your fingers through it from time to time, it’s meant to be a bit messy.

Also, if you’re in and out of the sea (or lido/paddling pool for the City dwellers) then that’s also OK. Keep a little bit of product handy and you can just refresh the style throughout the day and let it dry naturally.

What to ask your barber for

This style works best when teamed with a tight fade, starting from anything from zero to one point five depending on how brave you’re feeling. Keep it low though as you need to keep a little weight through the top sides and beneath the crown for texture. It looks really effective with a slight disconnection or “dirty blend”. Remember, this one isn’t meant to have a flawless finish.

Ask your barber or stylist to point cut the top so that the it doesn’t sit to flat to the head. Crop the fringe pretty short, otherwise you’ll be using more of your time (and product) on keeping it off your face when you could be turning over burgers or nursing a cold pint.

Who’s it for?

The drop crop works well on most hair types apart from curly or really wavy hair.

How to style it

When the hair is damp spray in some salt spray and either blow dry roughly (without a nozzle) or allow to dry naturally. If your hair tends to be a bit flyaway or fluffy then add a bit of matt clay or paste once dry to define – start at the back and work from the base to the tips so as not to overload certain areas. Less is more, so don’t think about it too much.

The upgraded buzz


Cut By Natalie Angold  – Barber At Ruffians 

We all know what a buzz is, but this a more flattering version of the original.

A slightly longer grade through the top (two to three point five work well depending on hair type and preference) is teamed with a super high and tight fade through the back and sides. It sounds like a subtle difference but, trust us, it makes all the difference.

All of the low maintenance benefits without the microphone-esque grow out.

What to ask your barber for

As it says on the tin really, choose your desired grade on the top but don’t be tempted to go for anything above a four (a buzz is meant to be short!) and anything from a point five down to skin on the back and sides.

You can request the hairline to be crisp and neat or natural depending on your preference and hair type. Ask for your stylist’s input if you’re unsure.

Be warned though, whilst this style is super low maintenance in terms of styling, you’ll need it refreshing often to keep it looking tip-top. So more time in the barber’s chair may be a result.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who’s ready for a super short style.

It can exaggerate rounder shaped faces, so if this concerns you then maybe stick with a bit more length through the top.

How to style it

Don’t, it’s arguable whether it even needs shampoo or a towel at this length, never mind any products or hairdryers.


The "no haircut" haircut


Cut By Cal Mcdonald At Ruffians Covent Garden

Want a short, no-fuss style but not keen on a fade? Or maybe you feel that many of the shorter styles are a bit clean and sharp for your liking? The no haircut haircut could be just what you’re after.

It’s a favourite of a surprisingly large number of celebs. Steve McQueen rocked it with enviable results, Zayn Malik teamed it with peroxide and Bradley Cooper even swapped those luscious waves for one at some point.

It’s basically a short scissor cut with soft edges that resembles a grown out buzz but with a bit more shape, and tailored a bit more to specific hair types.

What to ask your barber for

Ask them to put the clippers to one side for this one. The soft finish is best achieved with scissors.

The hair is cut to a fairly similar length all over which is usually equivalent to about a fingers depth before weight is removed to avoid it looking too bulky. The fringe is kept short and the edges and nape can be tapered but not sharpened.

Who’s it for?

It’s an easily achievable style for most hair types. Works well with straight hair (e.g. Chris Pine) or wavy (e.g. Steve McQueen).

How to style it

This style does work best with a bit of product, but it’s still pretty low maintenance. Rub a bit of styling paste or matt clay through towel dried hair and shape into place with fingers. You shouldn’t need a comb or hairdryer.

Go with the direction that your hair grows, as trying to move it about too much when it’s this short will make it stick up and not sit right. If you have a strong crown or cowlick then don’t try and go against it, embrace it.


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