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Behind the Chair – Jason Fairbank (Shoreditch)

Behind the Chair – Jason Fairbank (Shoreditch)

Here at Ruffians we pride ourselves upon our diverse and talented staff who we feel offer something different to the box standard barber. In “Behind The Chair” we look to get an insight into their personality, background and what makes them tick.

Jason has been working at our Shoreditch barbershop for two years, having previously plied his trade on Oxford Street. His passion in cutting all styles and types of hair has seen him forge a loyal clientele, that and he bloody loves a chat. So, he seemed like the ideal first candidate for this series.

You’re widely regarded as the second most charismatic man to hail from Bexleyheath after the great Roger Moore, what was it like growing up in deep South London in the Noughties?

JF: Generally, it was decent – we all wore Nike 110’s and wanted to be rappers, we had a good time and most of it was legal. I have a twin sister and she was always the well mannered, studious one. This allowed me to play the little shit who roamed the local shopping centre in a hoodie trying to nab the odd pick ’n mix. A role I reveled in during my adolescence.

What made you get into barbering?

JF: When I left school I flirted with the idea of getting into hairdressing, but I ended up going down the A-Level and university route instead. I don’t regret it as I had a wicked time and a made a load of mates, but ultimately it just landed me a crap sales job with targets and KPI’s. After a while I became disillusioned and retrained as a barber. It sounds cheesy but prior to this I visited Ruffians myself for a trim and loved the buzz of the shop, this cemented my choice of a career change. I’m so glad I did it as I get way more out of giving someone a decent trim than flogging them advertising space.

When not cutting hair you can often be found next to the shop computer browsing Spotify playlists. What’re your top music picks at the moment?

JF: I’m one of those annoying people who always say “I like all different types of music”, but it’s honestly true. At the minute I’ve found myself listening to a lot of jazz – Billie Holliday, Miles Davies, John Coltrane etc – but I genuinely love anything from 80’s power ballads to hip hop and plenty in between.

If you could cut one person’s hair, dead or alive, who would it be?

JF: Now this is a tough one, two names spring to mind – Salvadore Dali and Andre 3000. It’s not even really a hair thing, I just would really love to chat to them both for a bit. If it had to be just one then maybe Andre 3000. No, wait, maybe Salvadore Dali. Oh, I don’t know. *puts head in hands*

Quickfire Round, first one that comes to mind, are you ready?

JF: I was born ready

Nike or New Balance?

JF: Nike

Tea or coffee?

JF: Tea (herbal)

Salt and vinegar or cheese and onion?

JF: Cheese and onion

North or South London?

JF: SOUTH, offended you had to ask

Lager or IPA?

JF: Neither, both are butters – I’m a cider drinker

Dogs or cats?

JF: Cats

Summer or Winter?

JF: Summer

Pornhub or Redtube?

JF: Pornhub, better HD options

If Jason sounds like your cup of char then he can be found at our Shoreditch branch Tuesdays to Saturdays. Click here to book in with him.


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