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Barber Tips: How To Style A Side-Parting

Barber Tips: How To Style A Side-Parting

Side partings have been present throughout men’s hair history. They were particularly popular in the 1920s-40s and then again in the 1960s - however, the style has been revisited in the last decade as a low-risk, smart looking option. We spoke to our barber Joe about how to achieve the look.

What haircut should I ask for?

The haircut is a pretty simple short back and sides. For a more current look, ask the barber to keep it textured, scissored and natural on the back and sides, and to leave it longer on the top. This will give you more leeway when you style the actual parting.

What type of hair will this work for?

This will suit most hair types - but it will be harder to achieve a very defined parting on curlier hair.

Will it suit my face shape?

Yes, most definitely - the short back and sides haircut can keep your proportions looking even and nicely squared off.

How do I style it?

This is the tricky party. Apply the product into damp hair (towel dry it and leave for a short while) and insert the parting in with a comb. Comb the hair backwards and you’ll see where it starts to fall and separate. Rub the styling product into your hands, distribute evenly throughout the hair and then apply a setting spray if you’ve got unruly hair. For a wet look, use a water based pomade; for thicker hair and glossy shine, use a styling paste; for finer, less dense hair, use a matt clay. NB - don't go for this look if your hair is too long and thin! We don't want it looking like a combover.....

Start by wetting your hair down...

... take a wee bit of Ruffians Classic Pomade...

... and rub evenly over your hands.

Apply the pomade into your hair from the roots and sweep back.

Find your parting, and comb backwards with a fine toothed comb.

The parting should naturally appear, and separate the sections by combing to the side.

Comb back the hair on the sides...

... and there you have it. A chic side parting, which will hold for the day.



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