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Barber tips: How To Deal With Hair In Winter

26 November 2015

We are presented with a challenge in trying to maintain acceptable hair standards in Winter: the combined effect of wind, snow and rain, paired with inevitable hat hair, can make a bad hair day turn into a bad hair season. But the wintery conditions outside needn’t mean neglecting your locks altogether - here’s a quick guide on how to embrace the elements by adopting a 'windswept' look.

Start off by washing your hair with a Moisturising Shampoo and towel drying vigorously to remove excess water.

windswept-1 copy

While your hair is still damp, spritz generously with a sea salt spray to achieve a gritty texture and light hold. For a messier, tousled look, avoid using a comb, and allow hair to dry naturally in order to retain texture and volume - to style, scrunch with your hands having applied a small amount of our Styling Paste for hold.

windswept-2 For a smoother, swept back finish, blow dry on a high heat from the front of the head, using a brush (or your fingers) to create shape and height. If you're based in the UK, this is a tactic you'll have to frequently employee: due to the changeable weather, it's important to take care of your hair every season.windswept-3