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Barber Tips: How To Achieve Meticulously Messy Hair

Barber Tips: How To Achieve Meticulously Messy Hair

One of the most visible men's hair trends we have seen over the last year has shown a move away from the defined, difficult-to-maintain skin fades and hard parts of Summer 2014. A textured and messy look which embraces the natural shape and wave of the hair has been seen on men's catwalks, photograhpic campaigns, by celebrities and of course, plenty of times in Ruffians. But there is more to this style than simply waking up and praying you will have a good hair day...

What haircut should I ask for?

Ask for a messy look with texture and a Ruffians barber will understand what you want! They should cut weight out of the hair rather than length for this style of cut.

What type of hair will this work for?

This can work for most types of hair, and your barber can adapt the look to your hair quality. If you have thick hair, you can reduce its weight without removing length for the textured look, while if you have fine hair it's a bit more difficult - but still possible: here, you'll need to retain as much volume as possible, so it's best to go shorter for a choppy look.

Will it suit my face shape?

If you've got a round face, take the weight out to square it off and slim it down.

How do I style it?

Salt spray works like a dream for this, as it's incredibly easy to apply. You just need to towel dry your hair after showering, spray it in, and scruff up all over using your fingers. This is great for bringing volume and diversifying the texture. You could also use Super Dust, but your hair must be blow dried through for this - and can look really good with finer hair. Or you could pick up a tub of our Styling Paste for a bit more shine and hold - this can be applied to damp or dry hair for a strong, messy and natural look. Take a look at below for some visual aid....

Pre-styled hair

Blowdry your hair this way.

Then blowdry your hair that way.

And perhaps even this way!

Take some L'Oreal Super Dust...

And season yourself healthily with it over your head.

Ruffle it in and spread it out.

Then take some of our Styling Paste...

Rub it into your hands until evenly dissipated...

Twizzle some clumps for added mess...

Hey presto. You're lookin' fab.

Check out our online shop for Ruffians Styling Paste, by clicking here - and you an buy L'Oreal Super Dust instore. Thanks to Front of House/model Taylor for blowdrying your hair every which way. And thanks for the tips, from our barber Emmalene!


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