The Undercut with Quiff


The Undercut With Quiff

What Are The Key Characteristics?

With this style the back and sides are cut short in the same way as many of the most common men’s haircuts, eg. The French Crop or the Crew Cut. This can be a more conservative length, say a grade 3, or super tight, right down to a skin or razor fade if preferred. The main difference is that the top is then intentionally left longer and separated (or ‘disconnected’ in barber terms) from the sides rather than being fully blended in. Sometimes the back can be connected but the sides and fringe are generally left separate to create volume and movement.

What Type of Hair Will Work Best?

This style can work well with well with a wide variety of hair types but will give different looks. For example, if you have straight hair it will look sharp and slick but if you have wavy hair then it will look more relaxed and beachy. Avoid this look if you have tight curls or very fine hair. It’s also better for those with a strong hairline as the hair is generally pulled or swept back. You also need to have a decent length of hair on top for the style to work properly.

What Should I Ask My Barber For?

If in doubt take a photo with you as there are several distinctly different undercut and swept back styles and you don’t want to anticipate looking like Beckham but leave looking like a Viking! If you can’t find a photo then ask for a disconnected pomp, being sure to state how short you want the sides and how slick or loose you want the top.

How to Style at Home?

This style is often best achieved with a hair dryer to obtain the volume required, but don’t fret, it’s quite simple really. If you can, use a round brush and dry the hair up and back, if not just use your fingers to pull the fringe first upwards to create volume and then back to get the right direction. You can use a mousse or light gel in wet hair before blow drying if a lack of volume or fluffiness are issues. To finish use a pomade for a slicker finish or a styling cream for a more natural look.



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