The Oscars Hack 2020

Ruffians + Denis

It’s one of our favourite mornings of the year – the Monday morning scroll-through of the Oscar highlights. And what a season for the men’s hair! Brad didn’t just win for his acting, did he?

Denis Robinson from Ruffians Liberty has been busy putting together the ultimate guide of how to achieve the best trophy-worthy hair of 2020.

The Glorious Brad

What sort of hair do you need to get Brad Pitt’s look? “Well, actually, it’s pretty achievable for anyone with fine to medium density, straight or wavy hair,” affirms Denis. “Obviously you need a little bit of length, but talk to your barber about growing it out and styling the in-between stages, and when you get there, you need a mid-length, round-layer cut. Essentially we will be cutting the layers in the hair to the same length, but in a curved manner, to remove any angles or heavy weight distribution.

Styling at home couldn’t be easier. After shampooing and conditioning (longer hair needs the conditioner to keep the hair healthy and strong, so don’t neglect this part), towel-dry and spritz the roots with Ruffians’ Marine Salt Spray, for that bit of texture and grit. Longer styles sit better when the hair is not so fresh and silky; the salt spray nicely takes the edge off.

Blow-dry until the hair is nearly dry, concentrating on the root area. Leave the mid-lengths and ends slightly damp, to avoid too much volume. Then warm some Ruffians Matt Clay in the palms of your hands and work the product through, sweeping your hands from front to back, distributing it equally.”

Denis’ final tip? “For a more relaxed, daytime look, give your head a vigorous shake to loosen it up. If you want a slicker look for a smart night out, add more clay if you need it and comb through. We developed our clay to have an extra flexibility and softness, whilst still keeping structure, and it won’t become hard and flaky like clays of the past.”

Seriously Joaquin

It’s all about gravitas for Joaquin Phoenix; for him it’s not a stage as much as a platform, and he looks the part. Firstly, the cut: “You’ll need some natural movement in your hair to really achieve this mussed up look, and a barber who’s a scissor maestro – clippers down for this!” orders Denis. “Ask for a graduated mid-length layer, point cut to maximise the natural movement. Slightly shorter around the ears and nape, building up to heavier lengths on top, and elongated towards the front.”

Maintaining this look is pretty easy. “Wash and condition, then rub a little of Ruffians Styling Paste into towel-dried hair. Either let it dry naturally or encourage the curls with your diffuser attachment. When dry, run your hands through it softly to loosen up.”

But Denis says don’t forget to pay attention to the beard. “It’s important to keep the beard neat to balance out the softness of the hair and ensure you look polished. A number 4 guard all over for this, and clean the neck line in an inverted pyramid, to give a more defined jawline. Clean the loose hairs above the beard line on the cheeks by taking the guard off and flicking upwards. You can achieve the sharper line by using a razor.

The facial hair needs TLC just as much as the hair on your head. After showering, while the beard is still damp, use some Ruffians Argan Beard Oil and rub it through the hair and massage it down onto the skin underneath. The argan oil will moisturise and nourish the hair, the acidic value in the citrus extracts will help exfoliate away the dead skin cells, and the tea tree will work as a salve to counteract any irritation that can occur with the build up of sebum near the skin. (It’s also really good at calming inflamed areas if you’ve taken a blade to carry out line ups).”

Waves of Adam

Adam Driver’s thick, glossy waves perfectly capture that arty yet masculine vibe, to love and to cherish no matter the marriage story.

“This look is best suited to medium to thick hair, and can work on loose curls too,” says Denis. “Ask your barber to give you a mid-length round layer. The key with a layer cut like this is the even distribution of weight all over the head, and Adam’s scissor expert has kept it perfectly balanced.

Depending on how thick and bouncy your hair is, you could leave it loose and dry natural, or flatten it with a heavier product like the Ruffians Matt Clay once dry. For a slightly more retro look, you can blow-dry it smooth and flat with a paddle brush.”

Choi Woo-Shik – the game-changer

To say we love Choi Woo-Shik’s hair is an understatement. “It’s a relief to see such a versatile, modern cut after all the long slick-backs,” enthuses Denis. “There’s a disconnection happening but a subtle one, just to remove some bulk around the back and sides and prevent it turning into a bowl cut. The undercut is tapered from the ear up to the curvature of the head. The taper is very shallow, so as to debulk the hair at the widest part of the head. The top is then point cut in a round layer on top, so the weight distributes evenly over the top of the head.

This cut works well on a very full head of hair, either straight or with a wave. You can have a lot of fun styling, as every direction will give you a vastly different look. You can go from pomp to beatnik depending on whether you dry it flat or push it back. Have fun and experiment!

A good go-to would be the Ruffians Marine Salt Spray on damp hair, followed by the Ruffians Matt Clay for finishing. For more texture, shake it up and ruffle with your fingers, for a smoother look run a brush through your hair to keep it sleek.”

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