Shake Up Your Breakfast Routine


Lifestyle blogger, John Bingham, gives us the low down on how to improve your breakfast routine to get you in better shape for the summer

I’m sure you’ve heard that you need to start the day right by eating a good amount in the morning. This doesn’t mean you need to eat a plate full of meat and a shed load of bread. Eat less, tone it down a little and this is how to lose a few pounds in just 1 week.

Cut the sh*t and go organic

By eating organic, you put an end to consuming all those chemicals like regular folk. When you eat a blueberry, you want a blueberry. Not a blueberry with acid. Yes it’s pricier, but you can taste the difference and it’s better for your insides. Follow My Organic Hunter for all things organic!

30ml organic lemon juice (juice of one lemon) as a shot.

A lemon shot of a morning is my thing

I’ve always had a thing for eating lemons and limes straight and I love their sour shock. Lemon juice nourishes you from the inside out and works wonders for skin and hangovers! Start squeezing lemons to get your vitamin C, B6, A, E, folate, niacin thiamin, riboflavin, copper, calcium, zinc and iron. Take shots straight, with a bit of ginger or mix with water.

1 teacup (not a mug) of herbal tea from Whittard. No animal milk.

Always tea in the morning

Did you know we’re the only species to drink another specie’s milk? We’re weird and we need to stop sucking on cow tits. Cut the milk out of your diet first by switching to green teas or start drink tea black. Loose teas are perfect, get your self a strainer and mix it as strong or weak as you like. I like this Jasmine Tea from Whittard in the morning.

Organic home ripened avocados and charcoal artisan crackers.

Av-a-cado every morning

The Australians love it and so do we. Spread it on your toast or bagels or crumpets (if your name is Alice). Or just eat it raw with your blueberries if you want to be as skinny as me. They’re just the most naturally creamy and delicious of things. Today I teamed mine with charcoal and wheat crackers to be oh, so trendy.

This week I’m eating salads all week for lunch times, so head back soon to see my array of lunches and how much I’ve lost at the end of the week!


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