Ruffians Styling paste – the all time great hair product – now even greater!


You may have heard that we recently relaunched our entire range of styling and grooming products. There’s brand new members of the family, such as our Marine Spray and Hair Powder, but we also took the opportunity to look afresh at our old products and make some key enhancements. Our Styling Paste has always been one of our most versatile and popular hair products and now it’s even better!

We knew our barbers and clients already loved this product for its qualities and functions, we just wanted to replace some of the old ingredients to provide a product that was better for both your hair and the environment. Here, Ruffians Soho-Liberty‘s star barber Matthew Heckel provides a guide to getting the very most out of the new and improved Ruffians Styling Paste.

What makes Ruffians Styling Paste so good?

Made from candelilla plant wax, lanolin and antioxidant rich herbal hops, our styling paste’s concentrated conditioning agents and natural waxes create texture, moisturise and condition the hair and provide a natural shine.Easy to distribute throughout the hair, this product helps you to mould and shape your hair into your desired style. Suitable for both short and long hair lengths, the Ruffians Styling Paste should be your go-to for looking suave, wherever you may be!

How should I use it?

Ruffians Styling Paste works wonders for textured and effortless looks – think David Beckham’s textured quiff or a beachy surfer look. With our styling paste, the lightweight and malleable nature of it means that you can apply it to your hair and style one way and then change it up throughout the day.

STEP 1 Depending on what look you’re going for – our paste can be applied to wet or dry hair. Apply to dry hair for a messy, textured but styled look and apply to wet hair for a more slicked back style.

STEP 2 Towel dry hair to get rid of most of the moisture and use a hairdryer to blast over the entirety of the hair. Once the hair is 80% dry, use a brush and nozzle on the hairdryer to blow dry the hair backwards, ensuring that the cuticles lay flat.

STEP 3 Take a pea sized amount and rub together in the palm of your hands. Work the product through the entirety of your hair – making sure you get an even distribution from front to back.

STEP 4 For maximum texture and a messier look, let the product do the styling for you, just use your fingers to get your desired part and to decide where you want the hair to sit.

Barber tips



  • For a sleeker, more controlled look – use a little Ruffians Hair Cream in towel dried hair before blow drying, using a brush or comb to smooth and shape the hair. Then apply the Ruffians Styling Paste, again using a brush or comb to shape the final look.

Ruffians Styling Paste is available to purchase from all five of our shops, or can be bought from our online store. Want to let the experts sort your hair and give you the lowdown on the best products for styling it? Book an appointment now.

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