Ruffians How To: Styling Paste

Our styling paste is one of the most versatile and popular hair products we sell and we’re constantly being asked for advice on how to use it and what works best. So we’ve put together a guide to getting the very most out of the Ruffians Styling Paste.

What makes our styling paste so great?

Made from Brazilian carnauba wax and citrus extract, our styling paste’s concentrated conditioning agents and natural waxes protect against dryness and brittle hair and provide a medium shine to the hair shaft.

Easy to distribute throughout the hair, this product helps you to mold and shape your hair into your desired style. Suitable for both short and long hair lengths, the Ruffians styling paste should be your go to for looking suave in the city.

How should I use it?

Our styling paste works wonders for textured and effortless looks. Think – David Beckham’s textured quiff or a beachy surfer look. With our styling paste, the lightweight and malleable nature of it means that you can apply it to your hair and style one way and then change it up throughout the day.

STEP ONE: Depending on what look you’re going for – our paste can be applied to wet or dry hair. Apply to dry hair for a messy but styled look and to give your locks a bit of texture. Apply to wet hair for more of a hold – not quite the slicked back look our pomade will give you, but a styled ‘do nonetheless.

STEP TWO: Towel dry hair to get rid of most of the moisture and use a hairdryer to blast over the entirety of the hair. Once the hair is 80% dry, use a brush and nozzle on the hairdryer to blow dry the hair backwards, ensuring that the cuticles lay flat.

STEP THREE: Take a pea sized amount and rub together in the palm of your hands. Work the product through the entirety of your hair – making sure you get an even distribution from front to back.

STEP FOUR: For maximum texture and a messier look, let the product do the styling for you, just use your fingers to get your desired part and to decide where you want the hair to sit.

Our Styling Paste is available to purchase from all five of our shops, or can be bought from our online store.

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