Ron De Jeremy is in the Building


Ron De Jeremy is in the Building

Boy do we have something exciting this week with a certain Ron de Jeremy Spirits. Don’t know who #rondejeremy is? #askyourdad, if not #askyourmum.⠀

Coming to all our Ruffians stores from Thursday will be an unashamedly naughty combination we have eloquently labeled ‘The Stiff Little Ginger’. Enjoy a Ron Jeremy Rum and @fevertree_uk Ginger beer for a perfect, refreshing serve.⠀


The exceptionally well-balanced and smooth RON de JEREMY RESERVA (40% abv) is a proprietary blend of super premium rums from Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana. The blend includes hand-selected pot and column still distilled rums aged up to 8 years in American oak barrels previously used for Bourbon.

Tasting notes: The colour is golden with iridescent copper hues. The initial aroma is reminiscent of an ageing cellar, with notes of charred oak, toasted nuts and fresh sugarcane.  Once in the palate, the rum delivers on the aromatic promise, with layers of sweet wood intertwined with brown sugar and butterscotch, all harmoniously balanced.  The finish is long and smooth, simply perfect.

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