Ruffians Razor Handle – Mach3


Chrome, black resin, Gillette Mach3 razor

Our razor handle design is a collaboration with German master razor manufactures MÜHLE, it is both eye-catching and timeless. With a classic conical form, interrupted by distinctive lines at the chrome plated top and base it is like a measured musical composition.

The Material

Featuring our signature RUFFIANS porcupine logo and presented in classic black with chrome metal highlights, the process of creating this razor begins with each handle being turned out of solid resin rods. All individual pieces are then polished in several passes, giving the surface its characteristic gleam and securing its beauty for many years to come. Made from high-grade resin, this razor delivers on both durability and beauty.

The Razor

As one of the most frequently used shaving systems in the world, Gillette Mach3 blades guarantee a close and comfortable shave.

Compatible with Gillette Mach3 and Mach3 Turbo blades, replacement blades are available from retailers worldwide.

Manufactured in Germany.

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