Most Versatile Haircuts For Men


Most Versatile Haircuts For Men


The haircut

This might sound like an obvious response, but it’s true. Most haircuts these days are essentially a short back and sides – and there is good reason why.

How the hairstyle is cut in or grown

Let’s say your hair is the same length all over – a generous two inches. To achieve the most versatile short back and sides, ask your barber to keep the length on top, but to take much of the weight away at the crown by point cutting. The hair should be about an inch at the crown, and 2 inches at the fringe, gradually going up at a 30-degree angle from back to front.

The sides should be scissor cut to finger width – this is short for scissor cuts, so the barber needs to be fairly skilled to achieve this. The advantage here is that the hair will grow out really nicely and undamaged by clippers – and will also add some natural texture which makes the look more versatile.

Why it’s versatile / how it can be styled for different situations

You can play around with the top section, to achieve both smart and casual looks. For smart – you can opt for a soft side parting, which will highlight the neatly cut sides; for casual you can go for a sweep back; for stylish you could go for a fringe.

Soft side parting: take a bit of water-based pomade and a bit of paste; rub into your hands thoroughly; rake through your hair, from the roots, defining a parting at the side; pat down the sides with the product residue. Use a spritz of hair spray to set.

Sweepback: same as above, except scrunch the top section of your hair once the product has been applied. This will enhance the hair’s natural wave, creating more texture

Fringe: spray some salt spray into damp hair and blowdry forward, using your hands to bring the hair over your forehead. Take a paste, and rake through, from crown toward fringe, for a glossy finish; use a clay for a matt finish.


Ruffians Classic Pomade:

Ruffians Styling Paste:

Ruffians Rough Matt Clay:

L’Oreal Sea Salt Spray:


The hairstyle.

This is a classic hairstyle, devoid of contrast but full of sophistication. It’s an ideal choice for a more mature gent, not least because it works very well with finer hair.

How the hairstyle is cut in or grown

This should be totally scissor cut, to retain the texture and to avoid any hard straight lines that clippers can create.

Why it’s versatile / how it can be styled for different situations 

Usually the crop is seen as something quite standard, corporate, uninteresting… however, with more men’s products on the market which work really effectively for shorter, thinner hair, there’s never been a better time to opt for this cut. Additionally, choppy, textured looks are all the rage these days, and can make a look feel more youthful.

Use a matt clay and work into the roots of the hair, rubbing your hands around – the Ruffians Clay contains proteins which keep the product attached to the hair shaft, which gives the illusion of thicker hair. For extra hold and texture, sprinkle a texturising dust into the roots of your hair.


Ruffians Rough Matt Clay:

L’Oreal Super Dust:

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