Meet the Ruffians #3: Linda from Covent Garden


Next up in the Meet the Ruffians series is Linda from our Covent Garden shop. Her energy is overflowing and her passion for cutting hair is out of this world (much like her love for Sci-Fi films), so, we sat down for a chat to find out what makes her tick.

How long have you worked for Ruffians?

So, at the end of this month it’s going to have been a year.

What do you think the best thing is about being a Ruffians barber?

One of the best things is definitely being able to work in Covent Garden – I love this shop so much. Everything happens in Covent Garden, it’s such a famous part of London. The good thing is that there isn’t a specific clientele. We have tourists, locals, people who work around here, people who live around here. You never know who’s going to open and walk through that door.

What makes Ruffians special?

Oh, my word. Everything that I’ve said before! Ruffians is just on another level. It’s a higher standard that we work to. We offer more than just a haircut, it’s about the whole experience.

What inspired you to get into barbering?

This is going to be the most bizarre answer ever. But have you ever been sat on the bus and you look at the back of someone’s neck? You just sit there and think oh I could really fix that. I could really give him a great taper. That happens to me all the time and I want to shout, “does anyone have cordless clippers here?” That’s the reason really, I used to find myself looking at men’s hair and thinking, “I could fix that”, so now I do.

If you could cut any celebrity’s hair – who’s hair would you like to cut?

Oh wow. I think a huge challenge would be Bradley Cooper. He has a nice wave to his hair, sometimes he wears product, sometimes he doesn’t. I’d love to just get my hands on that.

Who is your all time hair icon?

Can I say Sergio Ramos? Every single haircut he has had for the past two seasons has been brilliant. I want to meet his barber. It’s quite interesting actually, he always goes a little bit further and a little bit more adventurous every time. I don’t support Real Madrid though so I sound like a traitor. I support Tottenham and Barcelona but I can’t really think of any iconic hairstyles that the players have. Maybe Dele Alli with the lines but I’m not too keen on the blonde he has going on at the minute.

What is your favourite film?

Oh jeez, you know, I’m crazy about films. I talk about films nearly eight hours a day with my clients. Just one? I would go for Ex-Machina. I love Sci-Fi, Fantasy, whatever will take me away from here. No drama. No drama please. What have the other guys said? Oh, actually I really love Goodfellas and Resevoir Dogs. Tarantino films are incredible. It’s the soundtrack that can make the film for me.

Do you like to cook? What is your favourite thing to cook?

Marrows! I love cooking! 80% of what I talk to my clients about is movies and 20% is food. Marrow is just a versatile vegetable! Cook them, fry them, do whatever you want with them. make soup. We need to bring marrows back to the kitchen. Forget avocados!

Describe Ruffians in three words

Sophisticated. (But still very much down to earth, anyone can feel at home here). Family. (We care. It’s easy to find your place and to fit right in). Modern. (We like to keep in with the current trends and styles)


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