Meet Jaymarie – Ruffians Liberty Store Manager


As we hope you may have seen, Ruffians is launching in Liberty on August 26th. The all new dedicated Ruffians space will be true to Ruffians style and decor, paired with our award-winning hairdressing and service. We caught up with Jaymarie, the new store manager of Ruffians Liberty to get a flavour of what to expect from the new store.

What you are most excited about the new Ruffians store in Liberty?

Liberty is one of my favourite stores on Earth!! Magical on the inside as it is beautiful on the outside, the store holds many treasures. I am so excited to be part if it’s unique atmosphere.

Give us a bit of your background

Originally from San Diego, California. I have had a passion for hair since I was little girl. My mother was a hairstylist and she used to have life size doll heads that she would use to practice new styles on. They were really expensive and I used to get in trouble because I would cut off all their hair into horribly funky haircuts. In my teen years, I attended a performing arts school where I studied dance and photography. I was a member of the fashion club and I would do the hair for all the models in our fashion shows. To please my father, I ended up going to university for 4 yrs studying Communications and I hated it! Shortly after graduating, I landed a job as the Admissions Director at one of Paul Mitchell’s academies . I was in charge of signing people up to their hairdressing courses. It was a very inspiring place to work and I credit them for helping me realise that I needed to follow my dream of becoming a hairstylist. In 2007, I packed my bags and set off to Paris to begin my journey,

What is your barbering experience?

After living in Melbourne and Paris to learn about hairdressing, I came to London 7 years ago to perfect my skills and follow my dream of working as a hairstylist in London. When I arrived, I got a job working for a top salon in central London specialising in haircutting for men and women. I fell into barbering 2 and a half years ago when I was working as a session hairstylist for fashion shoots. More and more models with beards and tight fades were being booked for the shoots I was on and I was expected to know how to groom their beards. I’m always up for new challenges. So to build on my skillset, I took an intensive 9 week Barbering course at the London School of Barbering. The course was amazing and sparked a passion in me for men’s grooming. After finishing that course, I joined Ruffians and I decided to change directions in my career and focus solely on barbering .

Your key hair passions (favourite styles) etc.

My favourite decade is the 60s. I love all the mod hairstyles and rocker hair that was fashionable in those times. I wish more guys wanted Paul Weller haircuts. But I also love a tight fade as much as a textured mod cut. A well executed neck taper is also very sexy.

What customers can expect from Ruffians at Liberty

At Ruffians, we create a consistently excellent experience from the moment you walk in. Settle in and enjoy a cup of coffee or a bottle of our very own cold beer, or perhaps one of our special drinks partnerships of the moment.  After a proper consultation, expect to leave with a great haircut from one of our personable, friendly, and knowledgeable barbers who are passionate in what they do and who will create a style that suits you.

What the space is going to be like?

The space is going to be a perfect blend of Liberty and Ruffians aesthetics. We will be bringing the classic Ruffians industrial flair and pairing it with Liberty’s historic charm. We have extended the space to create a welcome and cosy environment, a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets.

What is the atmosphere you want to create at Ruffians Liberty?

I want to create a perfect escape, an atmosphere for men that is relaxed, welcoming, chill vibes and great tunes. Whatever time of day, whatever your mood or whatever your style, I want to ensure you feel and look a lot better than when you came.

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