International Women’s Day: Linda Gonzalez


Linda is our crazy Colombian, with more energy than a cat on catnip. Linda loves all hairstyles but has a soft spot for 90s hairstyles. Having cut hair all over the world, Linda has a wealth of hairdressing and personal experience

How long have you been with Ruffians?

I have been working 8 months at Covent Garden branch

What does Ruffians mean to you?

 A  sort of barbers that had skills and prestige as a top hair salon, but with the attitude and charisma of traditional barbering.

What is your favourite hairstyle to cut?

The basic steps of fading or cutting in general are very easy. You follow guidelines. Applying those steps to every hair texture and head shape can make it difficult. You have to personalise every haircut. Being a hairstylist or barber you are an artist, and you have to step outside the box a lot of the time to create a style the really works for them. A lot of the time people ask me how I created a certain cut or style, or how I came up with those guidelines.
YOU make the rules for every client that sits in your chair. Don’t over think, let the ideas and your artistic ability come naturally. There is so much more that goes into a haircut/style than just basic steps &education.

What has been your greatest achievement in your hairdressing career?

My greatest achievement probably is that I realised that I can work anywhere around the world, so far I have cut hair in 7 different countries, I love travelling.

What are you most excited about for the future in the industry?

90`s hairstyles  are coming back stronger than ever, I am so excited as I love all of these styles.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words,What would they be?

Honest, loyal, competitive

What advice would you pass onto any women looking for a career in barbering?

Everyone has their own strengths, embrace it. Don’t try to skip the struggle. The struggle builds character and the strength you need to conquer challenges. Train your mind to grow, train your mind to be ambitious. Without ambition, talent will only get you so far.
 People that doubt you should make you push harder .
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