Growing and Styling Your Hair Naturally


Considering growing your hair out? Inevitably as you do so, there will be that horrible, no-man’s land stage where everything feels like it is all over the place. We actually believe this hair length should be embraced and something that can be taken advantage of.  The key of a shortcut to long hair is keeping the sides tidy as the hair on top grows. Although you’ll need to take the weight out of the crown, occasionally. We have pulled together four styles that are ideal to grow out:

The Off-Centre Parting

The key to this style is to let the cut, rather than products, do the talking. It’s about looking natural rather than overly styled. Ask for the back and sides cut scissor-over-comb with square layering on top and a point-cut fringe. You may not understand what you’re talking about, but a good hairdresser will. Style with L’Oreal Super Dust for a matte finish.

The Nu-Mod

This Weller-esque upgrade is all about smart layering. Tell your barber you want hexagonal layers, starting from the nape, with square layering on top, says Robinson. Then say you want the volume and thickness taken out by point- cutting the whole head. Or just show them a picture. Dry with L’Oreal Techni-Art Beach Waves for texture.

The Curly Mop

Actually an undercut though the texture on top softens the effect. As with the parted look, ask for a scissor-over-comb undercut – this just means ‘no clippers’ – for soft blending, with square layers on top. Finish off with a strong yet pliable product like Ruffians’ Pomade on towel-dried hair and style naturally with your fingers.

The Flock of Seagulls 2.0

Admittedly, there’s more than a nod toward the kind of haircut you’ll have last seen on Top of the Pops circa 1982 here, but don’t let you put that off. The key difference is that it’s point-cut to soften the ends. Like the layered cut, dry with L’Oreal Techni-Art Beach Waves and style with Ruffians Styling Paste. Avoid heavy mascara, PVC and a mournful stare.

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