The Grooming Mistakes You Need To Stop


We men are still fairly new to the world of grooming. For most of us, the idea of a grooming routine is completely alien. As we see more and more men developing their grooming repertoire, we see so many grooming mistakes. We have outlined the most common grooming mistakes below and how to solve it

Grooming Mistake #1 USING PRODUCTS BADLY

Why it’s wrong: a lot of people will choose the wrong product for their hair type. For example, thicker hair can deal with a heavy product; but people with a lot of fine hair might apply a clay to thicken it, but that will only clump it together. Also, using bad quality products can leave a residue and become greasy really quickly.

What’s the fix: take into consideration whole daily hair routine. Adapt your styling to your lifestyle – ie. If you have a basic towel drying routine in the morning, you probably want to use a versatile product that will last all day, not something like a pomade which needs top ups throughout the day. Check with your barber what products are suitable for your hair as they will know your hair better. Adapt your product use to the time of year ie. Use a drier product (not a pomade) in the summer which won’t dissipate unevenly in the heat.


Why it’s wrong: inconsistent styling around the head – your quiff may look perfect, but you’ve forgotten to tend to your crown, or your back and sides!

What’s the fix: make sure you use the correct products all over your head, and bear in mind that you aren’t able to see your whole head! Use mirrors and develop a styling routine which you can achieve well.


Why it’s wrong: not everyone can achieve their desired look unfortunately! For instance, a slick back style doesn’t look great with curly hair; or trying to introduce a wave/curl to dead straight hair; or wanting a quiff when you have a receding hairline; or growing out your hair when you have thinning hair on top.

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What’s the fix: speak to your barber about what is a good look for your hair type and face shape. They will be able to advise you based on what they know about you, what you like, what looks good for your angles and hair type, and what can be styled well bearing in mind your own lifestyle and sartorial style.


Why it’s wrong: they can make you look shiny, or can give you strange reactions. A lot of big brand products use parabens and sulfates which are not only harmful to the environment, but can also irritate skin; chemical preservatives may contain alcohol based molecules which can dry out the skin and cause flaking.

What’s the fix: choose alcohol free products with natural ingredients – they will be better for your face, which is sensitive as it’s always open to the elements, and presumably gets shaved every now and then.

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Grooming Mistake #5 TRYING TO HAVE A BEARD

Why it’s wrong: if you don’t have the capacity to grow facial hair properly, don’t try to grow a beard or moustache (unless it’s for charity!). It looks unfortunate and is quite obviously an attempt, rather than an achievement.

What’s the fix: be realistic – know your facial hair growth and choose something to suit that. Not everyone has a genetically bushy face. To encourage healthy facial hair growth, it helps to have a cut throat razor shave every once in a while. As you get a perfect, clean shave, the hair will grow back stronger and in the right direction, so you’ll avoid ingrown hairs. You’ll also be treating your skin properly by doing this and getting rid of any dead cells that are causing blackheads and build-up of grime.


Why it’s wrong: You might be tempted to snip the hairs that hang over the lip, or the ends to keep it tidy – don’t! It won’t grow back as desired.

What’s the fix: growing a proper moustache is a real commitment and takes a few months, depending on the style. Rather than trim the hairs that hang over the lip, train them to each side, with the filtrum acting as a point to start the parting. This will give the moustache the desired thickness, and eventually growth outwards. Only snip the ends once the appropriate length has been achieved.

So there you have it, our 6 key grooming mistakes. How many of these are you guilty of?



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