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Everyone’s hair hero right now is the incomparable Timothée Chalamet. He’s sky-rocketed in his career, he’s unafraid to take on the high fashion stakes, and he wins, in no small part, thanks to his HAIR. (We would think that, but it’s true!) 

Maxwell from Ruffians Shoreditch gives us the lowdown on how to get Timothée’s look. 

“This style is great for hair with some body, and a natural curl or wave. But first, you’re going to need some length. If you’ve been used to having your hair shorter it may take a couple or more cuts to get to the desired look. We’re seeing more and more requests for this, with the likes of Timothée and Adam Driver setting the trend for glossy, longer waves. Hang in there and take the journey with your barber – they can provide styling tips that will ensure you look great at all the in-between stages. 

When you reach the desired length, ask for an all-over scissor cut, keeping length on the top and slightly tapering in the sides for graduated precision.”

“Once you’ve got the cut, the styling options are so varied,” enthuses Maxwell. “For a relaxed, daytime vibe, spritz in some Ruffians Marine Salt Spray and leave to dry naturally. For a slicker look, rub a pea-sized amount of the Ruffians Styling Paste in your hands and run through from front to back when almost dry.

For full, bouncy waves, run a generous dollop of our Hair Cream into damp hair and then gently diffuse with a hair dryer. When the hair is 90% dry, down tools, and run your fingers through to open up the waves.”

All you have to do now is pick up that trophy. 

To book a haircut with Maxwell or any of his colleagues click here or pop into the Shoreditch shop.

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