The Do’s and Dont’s of Shaving


The Do’s and Dont’s of Shaving

There is a lot of confusion and contradiction around shaving, so we decided to pull together some of the core do’s and don’ts of shaving. We spoke with our Ruffians barbers to get the low down and best tips on some basic shaving questions:

How often you should replace your razor?

Different razors will have different lifespans. If you are using a single blade razor (shavette or safety razor), you should be replacing the blade after one or two shaves.

Classic cut throat razors can last decades if looked after properly. It is important to let the blade rest for a day or two between shaves to ensure a maximum lifespan of the razor.

The classic 3, 4 and 5 blade razors can last a long time, dependent on usage. If there are any signs of rust or if the blades begin to pull the hairs, this is a sure fire sign that they are pulling.

Which is better: disposable or electric? 

For us, disposable razors tend to be a much more hygienic way of shaving and are typically much gentle, as they cause a lot less stress on the skin.

Electric razors, if not cleaned properly will be home to bits and pieces of skin, hair and sometimes dried blood. An electric razor should be cleaned after every shave, to avoid build up of skin follicles and hair within the blades.

Any dos/ don’t with razors?

To cause less stress on the skin, you should not shave against the grain of the hair on a first pass shave. All shaving equipment takes at least a small amount of skin follicles from the face, so all equipment should be cleaned and sterilised regularly.

Any post-shave advice?

If you suffer from spotting or redness after shaving, using an alum blocks can aid in reducing those symptoms.

Which are the best brands and why? 

Feather blades are the best blades for safety razors and shavettes but may be too sharp for sensitive skin.

As far as electric shavers you cant go past any of the brands used in commercial salons and barbershops, such as Andis, Babyliss pro, Oster and Wahl.

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