Classic Taper Cut with Fringe: Stewart Kwan


For the lastest Ruffians Barbers Creative Series, we went north of the border to the very first Ruffians store in Edinburgh. Stewart Kwan is Ruffians through and through and he carried out two creative looks on his model Ewan. The two looks were perfect for his model to show off their versatility and thickness of the hair and the work that Stewart put into hair itself.

“The model is a regular client of mine, who I’ve been cutting for about 3 years. Ewan’s hair is incredibly thick, it’s a fantastic head of hair, so I decided to use all that hair and really try and show how much there was and versatility in styling.”

“The hair was washed and the back and sides were blunt cut to taper in round ears and nape, I then scissor over combed the nape and sides to refine the cut. The top was left largely untouched, but I did even out the layering so that hair could be styled/parted in different ways, and all the weight (thickness) in the hair was kept in, as it would style better for the shoot, I angled the layers at the crown up when joining at the back of the head, to create more volume and shape at the back.”

The First Look

“The first look was primary to show the shape of the cut and the thickness of the hair, sea salt spray was applied to wet hair and the back and sides smoothed with blow drying, I retained some of the natural moved on top, by simply using the hairdryer and my fingers.”

The Second Look

“The 2nd look I wanted to play about movement and body in the hair. Hair was sectioned off on top and then heated rollers were applied, these were left to cool, then the curls dresses out with sea salt spray and dust, to empathise volume and texture.”

Both styles were my attempt to work with and to show the amazing texture and thickness of Ewan’s hair.

Stewart is located in our Edinburgh store – visit to book in now

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