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Essential grooming tips for summer

28 March 2017

Don’t overload with product

The hotter the weather, the more you sweat. The moisture will affect the product you put into your hair, particularly if it is water based, and can cause it to clump at the ends and lose the style’s shape.

Choose a heat-appropriate hair style

This isn’t to say you should go for a full on buzzcut! But if you have mid-length hair, you might find it quite uncomfortable – it’s not long enough to tie up, but not short enough to get some ventilation. Perhaps it’s time to go short on the back and sides, to reduce the heat!

Take care of your skin

If you’re getting a buzzcut, remember that your hair only forms a partial barrier between the sun and your scalp. Make sure you use a high SPF (particularly if you are new to short hair) and moisturise after washing.

Look after your beard

While the heat can produce too much moisture – sweat – on your head hair, it runs the risk of drying out your beard. If you have a longer beard, remember to shampoo and condition the tips every few days, and apply a beard oil daily to keep it hydrated. If you’re find it is getting crusty and straggly, maybe it’s time to trim it down to a suitably shorter grade.

Beware of fringes

Though fringes have increased in popularity recently, be aware that longer styles may not be ideal for the weather. The hair will carry excess moisture and transfer it to your forehead, potentially resulting in spotty, greasy skin. If this does happen, make sure you exfoliate when washing, and then moisturise – and push your hair back, so you can get some oxygen onto the forehead.