The best summer whisky you need to try


The best summer whisky’s you need to try

Summertime does not always conjure up images of sitting on a beach with a whisky, however a good dram doesn’t have to be just a winter tipple. We spoke to our friends over at The Whisky Exchange to choose five of the best Whisky’s to enjoy in the summer.

Alex Huskinson, the Whisky Exchange Covent Garden manager, takes us through his top six summer whisky’s

Summer Whisky

Glen Moray 8 year old Time Series. Single Malt Scotch Whisky.


A young and lively Speysider, this is fresh and full of citrusy goodness. Cask strength, but the alcohol is by no means aggressive and just carries the fabulous barley and lemon flavours through.

A drop of water lifts it into more elegant quaffable territory.

Summer Whisky

Nikka Coffey Malt. Japanese Whisky.


This unusually made whisky (malted barley in a Coffey Still for all you geeks) from Japan works as well neat as it does in a lovely refreshing Mizuwari highball. Nothing to do with coffee, this has fantastic unctuous honeycomb and milk chocolate notes. Dangerously easy drinking

Summer Whisky

Kavalan Bourbon Oak. Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky.


A full flavoured and rich, whisky from the new kid on the world whisky block, Taiwan. This delicious dram is full of tropical flavours like mango, coconut and soft peach aromas. Another one that can get finished too quickly.

Summer Whisky

Michter’s Sour Mash American Whiskey.


This magnificent whiskey from the great guys at Michter’s is not a bourbon, as the mash bill does not contain the requisite amount of corn (51%). In fact it contains roughly a third each of corn, rye and barley. This extra hit of barley gives a lovely honeyed note to proceedings which is beautifully balanced with a touch of black pepper at the end. Nutty and delicious either on the rocks or in a Whiskey Sour.

Summer Whisky

Powers John’s Lane. Irish Whiskey.


This Single Pot Still whiskey from Ireland is a tour de force of good cask ageing. Fairly mature at 12 years old, but maintaining an incredible amount of youthful fruit, it is all peaches and apricots with a lovely touch of honey and vanilla. Another one for drinking on it’s own or mixing into something more refreshing.

Summer Whisky

Port Askaig 19 year old. Single Malt Scotch Whisky


A lot of people shy away from smoky whisky in hot weather, labouring under the false idea that it is for the colder months only. This incredible dram belies that idea by coming up with fantastic honey and lemon citrus notes along with a big wave at the end of sooty dry smoke. Very complex and very moorish. A dram to be savoured on your veranda on a warm summer’s evening.



Thank you to Aex Huskinson from the Whisky Exchange Covent Garden for pulling these fine Whisky’s together. For more information and get a hold of a wee dram, head on down to the Whisky Exchange in Covent Garden:


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